Illinois candidate for Senate, unlike elected officials, speaks out on election fraud

by WorldTribune Staff, September 5, 2021

Election. Fraud. Audit. 2020.

Elected officials have generally avoided publicly putting those words together lest they be instantly labeled as QAnon-following conspiracy theorists by Big Media. Never mind that polls show these issues are on the minds of the overwhelming number of voters who support Donald J Trump.

Bobby Piton and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Bobby Piton is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in 2022 in deep blue Illinois. And he is not holding back when it comes to speaking out on what transpired in the November 2020 election.

“We the People have had our Rights stolen by compromised elections in which corrupt bought off politicians collude between parties to do the will of a Corrupt Evil Families pulling the strings from behind the scenes instead of the Will of the American People,” Piton said in a statement on his campaign website.

“These Evil Families think of Our Children as their Property. We all have plenty of examples that highlight this insane view by these horrific people. They undermined our curriculum in schools, peddled false narratives about masks to crush identity and confidence in our youth, and now want to inject our children like they are cattle and pigs on a farm. Animal Farm comes to mind.

“If we truly want to take control of our Destiny for our children, grandchildren and frankly our own Freedom, We need to Audit All Elections for 2020 and expose all of their crimes.

“Moving forward, every election in the United States should be audited immediately after the final ballots are cast.

“Every Publicly Traded company in the U.S. is audited, why isn’t our voice when the Government is spending over $7 Trillion Annually of OUR money? This works out to Government Spending of $56,000 per American worker.

“A sum that exceeds the income of over 80 million American workers.”

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who knows first hand how the Left attempts to destroy anyone who goes against their narrative, said in endorsing Piton in a Telegram post: “I could not say any better what Bobby Piton stated. There are leaders and then there are bold, courageous leaders and Bobby is among those who willingly take a stand and fight for others. He is a warrior and a champion for us all.”

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