I see dead voters? Michigan’s Democrat secretary of state sent absentee ballot to man born in 1850

by WorldTribune Staff, November 5, 2020

Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s Democrat secretary of state, sent absentee ballots to at least seven people born in 1902 or earlier.

It was reported that five of those seven ballots were recorded as having been returned and counted.

One of the seven was born in 1850.

The seven who were sent live ballots would constitute the oldest seven people on the planet who are currently living.

The oldest recorded living person is currently 117 years old.

“Or these are cases where ballots are being requested and cast in the name of people who have passed away, or the state voter file is either not properly removing people who have passed away or recording the birth year incorrect which would cause problems if a voter wanted to vote in-person,” the Gateway Pundit cited reporter Benjamin Wetmore as saying.

The twitter user Essential Fleccas shared the case of the voter (in the above graphic) named William Bradley, born in 1902 – who appears to have voted via an absentee ballot in the city of Detroit.

If one enters the said data in the Michigan voter information website, one is redirected to a page which shows that Bradley is successfully registered to vote in the state general election and had sent his ballot on Sept. 19 which was duly received on Oct. 2.

Fleccas then proceeded to share an online death record which appears to show a William Bradley with the same pin code having died in 1984. It should be noted that if alive Bradley would be 118 years old but media reports suggest that the oldest living American is the 116-year-old Hester Ford.

Via Candace Owens and Essential Fleccas:

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