Horror story: U.S. halted familial DNA testing at border weeks before ‘Sound of Freedom’ release

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, July 25, 2023

What does it say about Team Biden when a movie with a relatively small budget ($14.5 million) does more to shine a light on and combat the horrific tragedy of child trafficking than the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its 2023 budget of $179 billion?

“Sound of Freedom”, which has surpassed the $125 million mark at the domestic box office, highlights the work of an American nonprofit organization that aims to combat international child trafficking rings.

‘While the rapid DNA tests ended the Trump era’s fake family trend, it sparked right back up after Biden took office and pared them back.’

“What you see in the movie ‘Sound of Freedom,’ that was based on a real-life operation called ‘Triple Take,’ ” OUR Rescue President and COO Matt Osborne, a former CIA agent, told Fox News Digital. “… In October of 2014, in three cities in Colombia, in a one-hour time period, we helped Colombian authorities and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security rescue 123 trafficking victims – 55 of those were minors.”

Just weeks before “Sound of Freedom” opened in theaters on July 4, Team Biden ended a successful Trump administration policy in which migrants entering via the U.S. southern border were subjected to DNA testing. The Trump policy was implemented to deter child trafficking.

Until the policy was implemented, adult strangers often posed as parents of migrant children and accompanied them over the border.

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“Then, just as now, kids had became monetized golden tickets into America thanks to the so-called Flores Settlement, a legal loophole requiring release of families from detention in under 21 days. In rampant fashion, unscrupulous smugglers and parents learned they could parcel out extra siblings to the highest childless bidders,” Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies wrote for TownHall.com on June 8.

Under the Trump policy, “Border Patrol would line up immigrant families fresh over the border, take cheek swabs, and release them after a positive match maybe an hour later,” Bensman noted.

The 250 or so monthly tests the Trump DHS was giving “were plenty enough to end the faux family trafficking problem,” Maple told me for the book, working like Jonas Salk’s vaccine on polio.

“People who were told they were going to go through the machine were just breaking as they were waiting to give their swab,” Monica Maple, a retired assistant special agent in charge of ICE Homeland Security Investigations told Bensman for his book “Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the greatest border crisis in U.S. history“.

“It was, ‘Oh yeah, that’s not my daughter; it’s my niece. It’s my cousin, or some other story. It could have been a copy machine; they didn’t know the difference,” Maple told Bensman.

Maple told Bensman she felt “horror” upon learning that Biden’s DHS had sharply pared back the testing from Trump’s 250 per month to only a few dozen by April 2021. Team Biden ended the DNA testing policy on May 31.

“While the rapid DNA tests ended the Trump era’s fake family trend, it sparked right back up after Biden took office and pared them back,” Bensman noted.

A May 8, 2022 Wall Street Journal expose disclosed that at least several thousand Brazilian children entered the United States with an adult who falsely claimed to be their parent. “It was the same old story of the real parent selling extra kids to strangers,” Bensman wrote.

“Now that Biden’s DHS has entirely dumped the testing, expect a lot more unnecessary horror, and headlines the Democrats clearly abhor more than they do child abuse.”

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