Hillary Clinton said to be ‘totally in line’ with UN’s ‘global standards’ for unlimited migration

by WorldTribune Staff, October 24, 2016

In the UN’s new roadmap for globalism, American cities would no longer be getting their direction from elected officials on city councils, or even state legislatures – but from the United Nations itself.

The UN’s so-called “New Urban Agenda” includes a list of “global standards” that includes unlimited migration across open borders, something Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is on record as supporting, WorldNetDaily reported on Oct. 21.

The UN 'New Urban Agenda' envisions unlimited migration worldwide.
The UN ‘New Urban Agenda’ envisions unlimited migration worldwide.

The “New Urban Agenda” was unveiled last week at the Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador.

Clinton’s globalist leanings are also reflected in her close relationship with billionaire George Soros.

Emails from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta leaked earlier this month by WikiLeaks, show Clinton “has aligned herself closely with a vision for America laid out by Soros, who talks of ‘international governance,’ more open borders, increased Muslim immigration and diminished U.S. global power.”

Soros, in 1998, wrote that “the sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions. We need some global system of political decision-making. In short, we need a global society to support our global economy.”

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WikiLeaks recently leaked a speech Clinton gave to Wall Street bankers in which she laid out her vision for the U.S. as part of a single “hemispheric common market with free trade and open borders.”

In another WikiLeaks revelation, Clinton told Goldman Sachs bankers that Americans who want to limit immigration are “fundamentally un-American.”

“She’s totally in line with the UN agenda, on board with everything they do,” says economist Patrick Wood, author of “Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation.”

“She’s signaling to her fellow globalists that she’s 100 percent on board with their agenda.”

Though the UN’s Habitat conference convenes only once every 20, “it leaves a trail of anti-capitalist, anti-liberty ‘global standards’ in its wake,” says Wood, adding that the U.N. wants each and every city in the world to be operated by those standards.

“They come packaged as ‘non-binding’ and Congress never approves them,” Wood said.

Still, Wood cautioned, “somehow, the global standards coming out of the major UN conferences always seem to filter down to even the smallest American hamlet. How? Through federal grants. Any city that accepts federal grants will at some point be required to implement the practices that the UN has declared sustainable.’ ”

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