Hemingway: How the media are rigging the election against half the country

by WorldTribune Staff, November 1, 2020

Regardless of the outcome of the Nov. 3 presidential election, the major media “is actively at war with half of the American people and are desperately working to rig an election against them,” The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway noted.

In an Oct. 30 op-ed, Hemingway noted five ways the major media is attempting to rig the election.

The half of the country that the media are rigging the game against can’t be happy about what they’ve seen this year. And nobody who cares about a free and functioning country should tolerate what they’ve done. / Getty

Refusing to Do Journalism on Joe Biden

The New York Post on Oct. 14 published an article showing Hunter Biden had introduced Joe Biden to a top Ukrainian businessman. This contradicted Joe Biden’s oft-repeated claim to have had no knowledge about his son’s overseas business deals.

While Twitter and Facebook moved to prevent anyone from spreading the new on their platforms, “media outlets participated in the coordinated effort to squash the story, either by ignoring it completely or by claiming it wasn’t a big deal. Few to no media outlets defended the New York Post,” Hemingway noted.

Sinclair’s James Rosen reported that the FBI had opened an investigation into Hunter Biden and his associates last year to investigate allegations of money laundering. The investigation is ongoing, Rosen reported. Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski was interviewed as a “material witness” to the investigation in recent days.

Hemingway noted: “The media blackout of any story that might harm their preferred candidate has extended even to this explosive news. Keep in mind, President Trump was impeached for expressing concern about Hunter Biden’s possible corruption in Ukraine at the same time the FBI was investigating Hunter Biden for money laundering.

“There is no question that this story is journalistically significant, and dramatically more substantiated than the Trump-Russia collusion hoax that the media promulgated for years.”

Slavish Devotion to Obviously Wrong Polling

“Another way corporate media have been rigging the election has been through their polling narratives,” Hemingway noted. “For months, the media have been relentlessly pushing a narrative that Trump can not win the 2020 election. They almost seem to be in a contest to see who can make the most outrageous claim about a given state.”

Hemingway continued: “In its final 2016 poll, Marquette reported that Clinton would win by six points. This week, that same pollster reported Biden would win by five points. By comparison, the Washington Post and ABC News dropped a poll claiming that Biden was going to win by 17 points. Even their previous poll gave Biden ‘only’ a six-point lead. Marquette’s previous poll advantage was the same as their more recent advantage.

“Guess which poll got massive media coverage.”

Hiding Trump’s Accomplishments and Enthusiasm

While obsessing polls, the major media have downplayed both Trump’s record of accomplishment and the enthusiasm he has from voters.

“Trump’s biggest success in his first term has been his foreign policy agenda. While the elites predicted literal nuclear annihilation if he were elected, his presidency has been one of peace agreements and avoiding war when other presidents would have invaded,” Hemingway wrote.

“He has worked against powerful military-industrial interests to end the Afghanistan War. He successfully eroded ISIS’s territorial gains. He rewrote trade deals. Peace agreements have sprung up in the Middle East between Israel and various Arab nations. The media responded to these successes by hiding them, constantly. In the two debates between Trump and Biden, virtually no foreign policy questions were asked.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s massive MAGA rallies “are brimming with enthusiasm, even during a pandemic, while Biden struggles to get even small crowds in attendance,” Hemingway noted. “When Trump held a wild and vibrant rally in Omaha, nearly all media coverage focused on how the logistics team had been unable to transport all the attendees in a timely fashion.”

The Republican National Convention, Hemingway added, “was a huge hit in part because it served as a fact check of the media narrative in recent years. Simply by highlighting a track record of domestic and foreign policy successes, viewers were reminded of how false the narrative about the first term of the Trump administration has been.”

Peddling Obviously Fake Narratives

It was recently revealed that the supposedly high-ranking “anonymous” government official that published a 2018 New York Times op-ed “about secretly undermining a president he personally disagreed with was in fact a 30-year-old mid-level bureaucrat nobody had ever heard of,” Hemingway noted. “The fake narrative that the New York Times knowingly promulgated roiled the administration for months, if not years, as high-level cabinet officials took turns denying that they were secretly and unconstitutionally undermining the elected president of the United States.”

Miles Taylor was the Homeland Security Department policy analyst who turned out to have written the op-ed.

That was “nothing compared to the preposterously false Russia collusion hoax that the media promulgated for years thanks to dubious and selective leaks from politically motivated sources,” Hemingway wrote. “For years, major media pushed the idea that Trump had won the 2016 election not because he won the Electoral College but because he had conspired with Russia — yes, Russia — to steal the 2016 election.”

Pulitzer Prizes were won for their “reporting” on what was proven to be a hoax, yet the major media have “never apologized or admitted error for what they did,” Hemingway noted.

“In fact, they just moved on to other hoaxes. One they cling to was formed by people using The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg to filter it into a damaging story. Goldberg granted anonymity to four sources so they could claim that the public persona of Trump as a military-loving enthusiast was false. In fact, they said, he had personally chosen not to visit a World War I cemetery in France one day because he thought the people buried there were losers.

“Now, as it turns out, there is contemporaneous evidence that it was John Kelly, Trump’s chief of staff and the man Goldberg and his allies intimated was behind the story, who put a stop to the trip because of weather concerns. Further, more than a dozen eyewitnesses to the meetings where the cancellation was discussed went on the record to dispute the anonymous allegations.

“There was never even a scintilla of evidence put out in support of Goldberg’s charge. Yet the story entered the public consciousness, became a major theme of Democratic ads, and continues to be mentioned by Biden on the few occasions he speaks publicly.”

Cheering on Suppression of Speech by Enemies

When CEO Jack Dorsey and his Twitter employees suspended the account of the New York Post, “other media outlets could have sounded the alarm about the violations of this country’s spirit of a free press, ” Hemingway wrote. “Instead, they stayed more or less silent. CNN’s Jake Tapper, who has no problem opining daily about his seething hatred of Trump officials, mentioned the Post’s suspensions but refused to take sides about it. Others didn’t even go that far.”

Twitter and Facebook “have been openly meddling in the 2020 election by censoring political opponents, suppressing their supporters, limiting the distribution of articles and arguments in their favor, and other draconian efforts. The media have more or less cheered them on,” Hemingway wrote.

“NeverTrumpers, and their more traditional Democratic media colleagues, seem to think that so long as they are protected by social media companies — and there is no reason to think they won’t be — that censorship of non-leftist media is not anything they will fight. Some openly support bans on anyone they politically disagree with. Failure to defend journalists who are actually under attack — as opposed to those who are merely criticized — is a hallmark of many in the media.

“David Daleiden, an undercover journalist who showed that Planned Parenthood was engaged in trafficking of unborn baby body parts, had his entire life upended by Kamala Harris prosecuting him for his journalism. Journalists didn’t think it worthy of coverage, even though many think she could be president within a matter of months.”

Hemingway concluded: “The half of the country that the media are rigging the game against can’t be happy about what they’ve seen this year. And nobody who cares about a free and functioning country should tolerate what they’ve done.”

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