Harold Hamm: Get ready for $6 a gallon gas and doubled electric bills if Biden wins

by WorldTribune Staff, October 20, 2020

When President Donald Trump’s policies enabled the United States in September 2019 to become energy independent, millions of jobs were created and state coffers were filled with billions in tax dollars, an energy industry entrepreneur noted.

Get ready to pay significantly more at the pump if Joe Biden wins the presidency.

“We also kept gas and electricity affordable for every American family. Plus, there was a trillion-dollar swing in our favor, money was kept here rather than spent over there,” Harold Hamm wrote in a Fox News op-ed on Tuesday.

Hamm, executive chairman of the Council for a Secure America, chairman of the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance and executive chairman of Continental Resources, noted that Trump’s achievement of energy independence also resulted in “one of the hugely important, but underappreciated results of the American Energy Renaissance” which is “peace is breaking out all over the Middle East. There’s a new order in play.”

Joe Biden and his leftist handlers plan to dismantle all of that. Those driving Biden’s environmental policy intend to end fracking and replace the current energy policy “with the utopian notion of a carbonless world,” Hamm wrote. “There’s no such thing. Nor will there every be.”

In the immediate aftermath of Biden being elected, Hamm said Americans should get ready to pay $6 for a gallon of gas (more in higher tax states) and see their electric bills double.

It is not possible to remain energy independent relying only on wind and solar, but that is what Biden’s progressive plan is aiming for. What it means is a return to reliance on OPEC.

For decades “the cartel dictated the supply and the price, and we shipped a good portion of our wealth to autocrats, kleptocracies and the like – not to mention the hundreds of billions in military spending to protect the energy lifelines,” Hamm noted.

“We don’t have to be dumb all over again. President Trump and his administration understand the huge geopolitical and economic benefits of American energy independence and freedom brought about by the American Energy Renaissance. His opponent clearly does not.”

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