GREATEST HITS, 1: Letter to my children and grandchildren: ‘It’s like a storm you see coming while the sun is still out’


by WorldTribune Staff, July 29, 2020

[Editor’s Note: A resident of Florida and refugee from Cuba granted permission for the publication of the following private letter to her extended family.]

July 10, 2020

My dear Children and Grandchildren:

I’m writing this letter with a heavy heart and a selfish motive – I feel the Lord is going to ask me “why didn’t you tell them?” and if not Him, maybe one of you.

Fidel Castro enters Havana on Jan. 8, 1959. / HistoryToday

Please know this is not about me, it’s about you and what the future holds for you. One advantage of being my age is that there is no future, when you get to be my age your thoughts become more about “How much time I have left”. The past becomes more and more important, it is the memories of the past that fill my thoughts, especially the happy ones, hopefully a past well lived. I feel like St Paul “I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” 2nd Timothy 4:7.

We have an election coming, I don’t care for whom you vote, I have come to terms with your ideology and I’m at peace – a handful of votes will not make a difference. However, there are some facts I do want to pass down to you, more for my peace of mind than from a desire to change you. I am writing this letter in church during adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament. I have asked the Lord to dictate what he wants me to say. I think you may see His footprints because I will not insist on proving my point, on the contrary I hope I’m totally wrong. Just like He does, I am simply knocking at the door before the storm comes.

Socialism is knocking at the door. It is the threshold of communism. It’s like a storm you see coming while the sun is still out. You see the sky turning dark at a distance, at the same time you think its not going to come your way. I have nothing to lose, my days are counted, I already paid the price – losing my country and my culture. I don’t want that to happen to you – I love you too much to be quiet. The signs for the approaching storm are all there. All we have to do is look out the window and “see” the sky changing. I know, I not only lived through a similar storm, I was able to run from it to safety. The problem with this one is there is no place to run to. And that is what scares me for you.

Socialism is the precursor of communism. The moment that the government starts to “pay” for everything democracy diminishes. When I hear free medical, free college, tax the rich to oblivion etc. what it really means is that we cease to be a free democracy. The truth is there will never be enough money, once the government runs out of money it starts to raise taxes of course it always starts with the rich, and like a snowball running down the mountain it eventually explodes hurting everyone. Laws are passed arbitrarily; socialism does not believe in self-government. It will eventually set a common salary for all alike, by freezing all bank accounts, you may only withdraw up to a certain amount. Followed by the collapse of businesses for lack of funds or too high taxes. In some countries it does not wait for that but rather confiscates the business which will now be owned by “the people” meaning the government. Today I heard that there is a boycott of Goya products because the owner went to the White House and supports Trump. Communists do not waste an opportunity even as innocent as a trip to the White House. The idea is to create followers, to incite discontent, it has nothing to do with a trip to the White House, it has to do with creating an environment of protest against anything and everything, they thrive on discontent. It has already started, they are testing the ground, actions like this are like a light rain, but it is the precursor of the storm that will follow. I encourage you to listen to both sides, not just the liberal press and their interpretation of the other side. To make an informed decision we must listen to both sides. Enjoy the free press while we have it, that will be the first thing to go. The One thing that is common to all countries is the belief that it’s not going to happen to them.

Those who oppose will be jailed like common criminals, their houses will then be ransacked as it is televised by the liberal TV accusing the owner of being subversive and unpatriotic. I speak from experience, I lived through it. Unfortunately, we already got a taste of that in recent weeks. Here is a sample of what is to come: Any kind of religious act will be looked down and attacked for as little as wearing a medal, or a cross or any symbol of your belief. It is a known fact that socialism/communism is directly opposed to anything to do with religion. Churches/Synagogues will be closed, some even ransacked and burned, to be a believer won’t be against the law, but against the culture which is even worse. Curriculum in schools will be changed abolishing not only God but any and all truth about historical facts and heroes (this is already happening). Communism never declares itself – it hides behind the socialism banner. Pope Pius XII prophesied when he denied approval for the birth control pill in the 60’s as the whole world waited for his “verdict”. He said that once that pill went into market it would be followed by legalized abortion blaming the pill’s failure, after that comes free sex because there will be no consequences, that will cause the breakdown of the family, the last thing to become normal behavior will be unmarried people living together and then, homosexuality. Sadly, it has all come to pass. He didn’t say that more than 60 million babies would be killed, some full term, ten minutes before birth and call it an abortion not a murder. Some believe that the availability of the birth control pill was the beginning of society’s rejection of God. That brings me to the present. What has all that to do with the present political situation? Some people fear the Lord has abandoned this country with all the unrest that is going on. He hasn’t abandoned us, our legislature and culture has pushed him out the door.

We have a “Democratic” mind, “if I don’t like a situation, we’ll vote him/her out.” Wrong, socialism/communism does not allow disagreement, once in power we, the people, have no power. Look at communist countries and count the millions that have been killed for opposing the regime, not to mention those who died of hunger or abandoned in jails. We think, myself included “that will not happen in the US” but then I look at history and every major culture historically has lasted about 200 years, then it begins to decay and finally it is no more. We have crossed the 200-year threshold, yes, it could happen here. Imagine a life with no rights, no free speech, no personal property. And worst of all no place to run to. The signs of what is to come are all there.

The Democratic party is endorsing Biden for president. I became suspicious when he was not making it in the polls or in the primaries. Sanders was winning left and right, but Sanders is a declared socialist/communist who praises Fidel Castro and visited him several times. All of a sudden Biden starts winning primaries and Sanders retires from the race. Did you ever wonder why? What kind of a deal was made? The party knew that Sanders could not win, then all of a sudden Biden is winning the nomination, a man who cannot speak without having to read what has previously been prepared for him, who is unable to finish a sentence or to answer an impromptu question. He is going to lead the free world? I am truly scare. Not for Biden, he will be a puppet, not strong enough to stand up against the forces that will continue to create chaos. But who is going to be behind him?? Communist Sanders?

If we think that Trump is bad, I won’t tell you what we thought of Batista. Hate does not even come close to describe it. Fidel Castro had a very likable personality, he was gregarious, young and good looking. He could speak for hours promising us the moon. I was able to convince Papa to take me to his office on 23rd St. in Vedado to cheer from the roof for Castro when he came marching into Havana triumphantly. We were carried away by his personality and charm. Lesson learned Trump has a horrible personality but never vote on personality vote on ideology, ability and results. And in the case of the coming elections vote for freedom.

Communism thrives on chaos, that’s why it’s always referred to as a “revolution”. And that is what’s happening right now. It takes advantage of any situation to promote chaos. We have a saying in Spanish “tira la piedra y esconde la mano” translates “throw stones but hide your hand” they organize the riot but do not show up for it, they convince people to destroy and loot but you will not find them in the video or the photos and if you ask the participants in the riot what is it all about they will not have an answer. Their goal is to create chaos always blaming it on any cause that suits their need. Sounds familiar? It hates the police, it comes with its own always with different names. In Cuba it was the militia, Russia the KGB in Germany the Gestapo etc.

You might think that socialism isn’t all that bad, it has been “successful” in some countries in Europe. Well yes, but those countries do not have the population the United States has, the variety of cultures and beliefs and especially and most importantly do not have the amount of guns we have in this country. I’m afraid of what is coming if Trump wins I firmly believe we will have an immense amount of riots, and if Biden wins we will have communism disguised as socialism.

I could go on and on, but I hope this letter gives you if nothing else, a background of what we went through and what we suffered for it. To lose all our material possessions, our way of life and our country was traumatic, but at least we had this wonderful country who received us with open arms, the thing is, you have no place to run to.

Please do not throw this letter away. I would like you to keep it for the next 15 years, in 2035 when I’m gone please read it again and my prayer is that you will say “WOW, WAS MOM WRONG ON THIS ONE” she had no clue of what she was talking about!!! Yes, I want to be wrong in all I have said and pray that everything that I have warned you about will not happen because I would never want you to go through what we as Cubans went through. I love you all too much.

I hope you read this letter as it was intended. Full of a mother’s love, I truly hope to be wrong. Regardless of what the future holds, please always know how genuine and deep is my love for all of you. You are a beautiful gift from the Lord which I didn’t deserve.

God Bless,