Gov. Globe: Republican governor joins the transgender revolution and here’s why

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Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is joining the transgender revolution. The liberal Republican has said he will sign the “transgender rights” bill pushed by leftist Democrats in the state Legislature.

The legislation represents a triumph for LGBT activists. It calls for individuals — based upon their “gender identity” or the “gender expression” they associate with at the time — to be able to use the restrooms, changing rooms or locker rooms of their choice. In other words, grown men, with their hairy chests and exposed genitals, will be allowed to shower beside your wife or girlfriend at the local YMCA or sit in a bathroom stall next to your daughter — and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Strange adult men can use women’s restrooms, locker rooms and changing areas with impunity.

BostonGlobeIn fact, the Massachusetts legislation goes one step further. If anyone complains — women, female teenagers, children, parents — they will be subject to criminal prosecution for “discrimination” against transgendered individuals and denying their so-called “civil rights.”

If a woman objects to a man showering in front of her at the local YMCA’s ladies room, then she faces jail time or a big fine. Should a young female not want to have a male stranger lurking in her high school or college women’s bathroom she must either bear it or wait outside until the coast is clear.

As state Attorney General Maura Healey told all the women who are uncomfortable sharing a bathroom with a transgender person: “Hold it.”

Massachusetts’ leaders are not only treating women with contempt, but as if they were little children who do not know what’s good for them — or their families.

That Democrats are behind this assault upon decency and common sense is not surprising. The bigger question is why Baker is supporting the transgender movement.

The answer is simple — and obvious: He has become Governor Globe. Baker takes his marching orders from the Boston Globe, a propaganda mouthpiece for the radical left. It is why the Globe endorsed him for governor, and continues to be a major backer.

Baker has made no secret that he is a Rockefeller Republican. He is pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage, pro-amnesty, pro-gun control and despises GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Senior Republicans on Beacon Hill have told me that Baker is a Democrat in everything but name. His goal: to cut deals with the state’s Democratic legislative leadership to advance a liberal-progressive agenda.

He may betray Republican voters and Republican values, but he is adored by the Bay State’s leftist elites. Like all RINOs, he cares much more about the praise of liberals than addressing the concerns and needs of his own base.

Baker claims the transgender rights bill is about “ending discrimination.” He is wrong. This is one of the most reckless, dangerous pieces of legislation in recent memory. It is insanity masquerading as compassion.

The bill opens up women’s bathrooms and locker rooms to sexual predators. There are countless instances of similar laws and ordinances in other parts of the country that have been exploited by child molesters and perverts.

For example, in Janesville, Wisconsin, a man, who was a pedophile, recently entered a women’s restroom and took numerous nude photos of little girls in the stalls. The transgender laws prohibit the police from confronting and arresting him. Why? The sicko can claim protected “transgender” status.

Yet, the issue goes beyond simply empowering sexual deviants. On my show, a female caller, who went by the name of Kate, explained how she recently went to a local eatery in Waltham, Massachusetts.

When she went into the ladies’ room, she saw two men standing there. When she commented and apologized how she must have accidently gone into the men’s restroom, the two brutes began screaming at her and taunting her how they were “the real ladies here.”

One of the men even went right up to her face, daring her to deny he was a woman and didn’t belong there. Kate said she felt threatened and humiliated, quickly bolting out of the women’s restroom — and the restaurant. She didn’t feel safe. And I don’t blame her.

The transgender rights bill is a blatant form of discrimination against normal people. It violates the privacy rights, civil liberties and security of everyone — men, women and children — in favor of a tiny, militant minority.

The Kates of this world must now endure constant humiliation and violations of their dignity simply to appease the gods of political correctness.

The ultimate objective of the transgender movement is not simply to legitimize cross-dressers and individuals once deemed mentally ill. It is something even more nefarious — and ominous: The attempt to eradicate biological sexual differences; the very notion that men and women are fundamentally distinct is under assault.

Even the communists and the Nazis never went this far. It is social engineering on a scale Lenin or Hitler could never dream of.

LGBT activists openly admit their aim is “gender fluidity.” In other words, transgenderism represents a war on human nature and reality itself. No healthy, sane social order can survive for long if it cannot distinguish between men and women.

Even animals are able to recognize the innate differences between its male and female species.

I never held high hopes for Baker. He struck me as a typical RINO: a slippery conman who lacks an ideological spine. Yet, I did expect him to be able to protect the basic safety and interests of our women and daughters.

If he cannot — or will not — do even this, then Republicans should dump him like a cheap date. He is a Democrat who happens to have an “R” beside his name. He is nothing more than a collaborator, doing the left’s bidding.

Governor Globe has turned his back on us. It’s time we turn our backs on him.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at and the host of “The Kuhner Report” weekdays 12-3 pm EST on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.