George Floyd lamented violence in video: ‘Our young generation is clearly lost’

by WorldTribune Staff, June 7, 2020

Not long before his death, George Floyd recorded a video in which he blasted the violence he had witnessed among younger generations of Americans.

George Floyd

“Our young generation is clearly lost, man, clearly lost, man. Like like, oh, I don’t even know what to say no more, man. Like you youngsters just going around, just busting guns in crowds. In crowds, kids are getting killed,” said Floyd in the video.

Before moving to Minneapolis for a job opportunity through a Christian work program, the 46-year-old Floyd lived almost his entire life in the Third Ward of Houston. More than 50 people have been killed over the past several years in what authorities describe as a gang war spreading from the Third Ward and southeast Houston, Christianity Today reported.

Ronnie Lillard, a Christian hip hop artist who performs under the name Reconcile, told Christianity Today of Floyd: “The things that he would say to young men always referenced that God trumps street culture. I think he wanted to see young men put guns down and have Jesus instead of the streets.”

“His faith was a heart for the Third Ward that was radically changed by the gospel, and his mission was empowering other believers to be able to come in and push that gospel forth,” Floyd’s friend Nijalon Dunn told Christianity Today. “There are things that Floyd did for us that we’ll never know until the other side of eternity. There were times where we’d have Church at the Bricks until 3 p.m., and by 4:30, they’re firing shots right at the basketball courts.”

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