Gen. Flynn declares a national emergency: ‘What every American must now do’

by WorldTribune Staff, August 26, 2021

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn called on Joe Biden to resign, not only for the “complete and total disaster” in Afghanistan, but for a “litany of domestic failures” as well.

America’s “leaders,” Flynn wrote in an Aug. 25 op-ed for The Western Journal, “have reneged on American honor and dignity. Foreign policy is being dictated by our enemies. It’s unstated so far, but in my judgment, we’ve surrendered.”

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn: ‘Entire chain of command should immediately resign in disgrace.’

Flynn said the “entire chain of command should immediately resign in disgrace.” Biden “should step down: Clearly, he is incapable of making clearheaded decisions.”

On the domestic front, Flynn cited “gross increases in illegals entering our country; an election system that Americans no longer trust; an American electorate’s complete loss of faith in any federal institution (I mean zero); Covid confusion with all of our health freedoms at severe risk; a true health pandemic emanating from the illegal narcotic market where drug cartels are the ‘pharmacies’ of the 21st century; human and child trafficking where sexual abuse has been ‘normalized.’ ”

Flynn continued: “There are more: Religious liberties being undermined by weak-pulpit puppetmasters and God being almost universally removed from our Judeo-Christian society, assisted by our weak political class and even weaker religious ‘leaders’; an education system run at the school board-level by a thuggery of policies dictated by a federal system of bureaucrats who dare to question whether to allow the Pledge of Allegiance to start the day (thugs who we’ve elected by the way); and lastly the continuing efforts to defund the police in an era of dangerous and deadly rising crime rates.

“Are we in a rapid-spiral decline, and is this the end of the American Dream? If we are and it is, I am foolishly wasting my time traveling around the nation telling people to wake up and stand up, and that the time is now to get involved in their communities.

“I do not believe I am wasting my time. I firmly believe we have many options. The truth is, we still have options in Afghanistan just as we have options at every school board across the nation.

“Our nation requires a new direction, a rebirth of our founding. When our founders created this beautiful experiment in democracy, they were able to create something new out of something that didn’t exist.

“We still have our foundation, but now we’ve lost our way. Thus, we don’t have to find America; we’re standing on it.

“What every American must now do is decide how they will act.”

Flynn noted that America indeed is “in the midst of a fascist power grab” by “a small but well-organized and well-funded far-left agenda of people attempting to take over.”

“Many people ask me what they should do,” Flynn wrote in a post on Telegram. “My first response is to stop complaining. Whatever you think your talents are, whatever resources you have, whatever your personal situation is, if you sit and allow this moment in history to bypass you, you are complicit in helping America fail.”

Flynn added: “We The People are the plan! From the founding of our nation, it has always been about the people and our individual and God-given liberties.”

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