Free speech ‘thrown out the window’ in New Hampshire as Trump sign is removed

by WorldTribune Staff, October 29, 2020

A Trump Country billboard in New Hampshire paid for by a local supporter of President Donald Trump was removed after leftists complained to the sign company.

Trump Country sign in Nashua, New Hampshire / Dave Streit photo

Dave Streit said he paid $2,600 to display his “Trump Country” ad in downtown Nashua from Oct. 6 through Nov. 3.

Outfront Media, which designed the display, notified Streit on Monday that the sign would be removed. It was taken down by Tuesday morning.

“We are political refugees. We watched what liberals did to Connecticut, so we moved here to New Hampshire where you live free or die, and no sooner than we get here, we are getting canceled,” Streit told the Union Leader. “Free speech just got thrown out the window.”

Streit said Trump is “the most unlikely conservative imaginable,” and added tht the president has “delivered on every single promise.”

Streit said his contract with the sign company had no ban on political ads, but the contract does give Outfront the ability to remove any billboard that generates complaints. Streit will be refunded for the remainder of time the billboard was supposed to be on display.

“What perturbs me is that one or two complaints can make it come down — from just the mere mention of the president,” Streit said, adding that if the sign was promoting Democratic nominee Joe Biden, it would not have been taken down.

“Even if someone on the Left wanted to put a sign up, I would defend their right to have the sign up — that is freedom of expression. Hang together or hang alone,” he added.

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