Former FBI Counsel: Rosenstein, McCabe, and Page ‘seriously’ discussed ‘secretly recording Trump’

by WorldTribune Staff, October 9, 2018

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker told Congress last week that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and FBI lawyer Lisa Page had “seriously” discussed secretly recording President Donald Trump, a report said.

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker. / YouTube

Rosenstein also discussed the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment in an effort to remove Trump from office, Baker said, according to, which cited sources with direct knowledge of Baker’s deposition to Congress on Oct. 3.

A source claims Baker told Congress that “Andy McCabe, Lisa Page took seriously what Rosenstein had said, and when they returned to the office, the three of them discussed the possibility of secretly recording Trump.”

Baker also said he told Page and McCabe that “he didn’t think it was unethical’ to secretly record the president. He interpreted what McCabe and Page had said as serious,” quoted another source with direct knowledge of Baker’s deposition as saying. “Baker also added that he ‘didn’t do a legal analysis on…the issue of ‘ bugging the president.’ ”

Rosenstein is set to give his deposition to lawmakers on Oct. 11.

Baker’s testimony to lawmakers coincides with a New York Times story published in September that suggested Rosenstein was behind a move in May 2017 to remove Trump after he ordered the firing of then-FBI Director James Comey.

On Oct. 8, Trump flew to Florida with Rosenstein and the two had their first sit-down meeting since the New York Times story was published.

Trump said: “Thank you as well to our Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for being here, flew down together. The press wants to know, ‘What did you talk about?’ We had a very good talk, I will say. That became a very big story, actually. We had a good talk.”

Baker also told Congress that Mother Jones journalist David Corn had delivered a version of Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier to Baker sometime after the 2016 election, the report said. Baker said that he turned over the dossier version given to him by Corn to the FBI’s counterintelligence division.

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