Fire the bureaucrats: Epic Trump speech outlined new vision for nation’s future

by WorldTribune Staff, February 28, 2022

What did President Donald J Trump learn from four years of non-stop attacks in Washington as his policies were systematically undermined by a hostile bureaucracy and political-media establishment? What would he do differently upon returning to the White House?

In a rousing speech before CPAC on Feb. 26, President Trump veered into new territory from his rally stump speeches, outlining his new plan for the nation which includes fixing a no longer credible election system and bringing to heel a massive, unelected federal bureaucracy.

‘The People of America will not surrender our borders. We will not surrender our culture. We will not surrender our faith. We will not surrender our value. We will not surrender our history. We will to surrender our liberty. And above all we, will not surrender our children….’

“In 2022 We’re taking on this wretched and corrupt political establishment like never before and we’ve learned a lot over the last four years. We’ve learned how corrupt they are. …

“We’re going to end Nancy Pelosi’s political career, once an for all. And then we are going to kick the Biden crime family out of the White House,” Trump said to an enthusiastic audience.

Following are excerpts from the last half of Trump’s speech which suggests how he would set about restoring America’s constitutional democracy, winning in 2022 and 2024, and making America great again.

Fearful Supreme Court Justices

The Supreme Court justices and judges generally, are afraid of the Left, Trump observed, continuing,  “Even our Supreme Court justices, and it’s sad to say this, are afraid to do what has to be done to save our country. They’re trying so desperately to be politically correct, and to be loved by all.”

“These are the justices of the United States Supreme Court. They are terrified of the radical Left. They are afraid of packing the court, so that they are only one of 15, 19, or even 25 justices. And at any cost, they don’t want to be impeached, please don’t impeach me. I’m a Supreme Court judge.”

“That particular justice Kavanaugh, I have no idea. But you know what? He’s lived through hell. And he’s afraid. I believe he’s afraid. I believe he’s afraid to do the right thing. I really do.”

“You know the expression, ‘they played the ref.’  They play the ref.  They said not so long ago, ‘we are going to impeach you,’ and then they found out the woman got up and said, ‘Well, he never did anything wrong.’ They said, ‘We don’t care. We are going to impeach him anyway. These are vicious people. These are vicious people. And we can’t let this go on.”

“[The Justices] have to gain strength. They have to gain new courage, and they have to stand up for freedom and stand up for what is right. They can no longer be afraid of the radical left our Supreme Court and our judges in general.”

Removing the Biden Crime Family

“The work of making America great again, is only just beginning. The Republicans have a big involved agenda that they’re going to put into action under a Republican Congress, and we have a chance of setting records” in 2022.

“We will bring Joe Biden’s inflation causing socialist spending spree to a screeching halt. We will immediately begin a full audit of the $6 trillion of the radical Democrats. The money has been flushed down the drain and they are trying to get more. They want to get up to a number that nobody can believe and it looks like people will not allow that to happen because they don’t want our country to be destroyed. . . The American people deserve to know where did all the money go?”

Critical Race Theory, Gender Ideology, and Parents Rights

“With a Republican congress, we will once and for all ban Critical Race Theory from our schools. We will ban it from our military. We will ban it from every institution that accepts a single penny from the federal government.”

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“American history will be taught fully and truthfully to America’s beautiful children. In addition we must defend parents rights. . . American moms and dads should get a veto over anyone teaching far left gender ideologies to their children without parental consent. And any parent who objects to the radical indoctrination in their children’s classroom should be able to take their share of taxpayer dollars and spend it at the public private charter or religious school of their choice.”

Big Tech and Election Integrity

“Another top priority to save up American democracy must be too break up the Big Tech giants and restore free speech in America. And we’ll be fighting that very hard by opening Truth Social. The days of BigTech censoring the voices of the American people are numbered.”

“A Republican congress should launch a select committee . . . to get to the bottom of Big Tech’s 2020 election interference. Let’s find out who made the decision to censor, who made that decision to censor the Joe and Hunter Biden corruption bombshell, which the pollsters said amounted to about 15 points—the largest illegal campaign contribution in American history. And let’s do a full forensic audit of the $417 million given by Mark Zuckerberg, who used to come to the White House and kiss my ass, that they spent to take over local election offices in key Democrat counties. And I believe you are going to be hearing a lot of it. You know, if you’re a person that wants to make a contribution, you’re allowed to give less than $6000. Otherwise, they put you in jail. He gave $417 million. What the hell is going on?”

“The RINOs and certain weak Republican politicians want to ignore Election integrity, also.  But we cannot ignore it, and we have to fix it. Make no mistake, they will try to do it again in 2022 and 2024 and we cannot let them do that.”

“The way you do it is to come to a very powerful conclusion as to what happened in 2020. To stand down to stop talking about it, to stop making Americans aware of the cheating and corruption that went on, that’s really saying, ‘it’s okay, you can do it again.’  we can’t let that happen.”

Make Every Executive Branch Employee Fireable

“In addition to securing our elections, here are just some of the other things we must do with Republicans back in charge.” 

“We must pass critical reforms making every executive branch employee fireable by the president. The Deep State must and will be brought to heel.”

“We will stop the radical Democrats from packing this Supreme Court with far left justices. Although, the way the Supreme Court has been behaving, perhaps the Republicans should pack the Supreme Court. They are behaving not the way we think is appropriate for our country. A lot of people have suggested that, but I don’t think we’ll do it.”

Make China Pay For Unleashing Virus on the World

“We will defend the Constitution the right to life, and the right to keep and bear arms.”

“We will end sanctuary cities. We will end catch and release. And we will end the visa lottery scam. And we will finish the wall very quickly, in a matter of weeks.”

“We will charge China trillions of dollars for unleashing the virus upon the world.”

“We will place tariffs, and other countries, we will do the tariffing thing. We have no choice. . . We will place tariffs on other countries to restore the glory of American manufacturing and we will ensure our future is made right here.”

This Nation Does Not Belong to Radicals, ‘Corrupt Establishment’

“If we fail in our mission, we already know what the fate of America will be. The radical Left is trying to extinguish our very identity as Americans. So that when they try to take our freedom, we don’t even think to resist. They don’t resist. They gotta fight. We have no choice. We have to fight like hell. We can’t let them destroy our country.”

“But our opponents have made a very big mistake. They have done the one thing you must never do, if you seek to harm America. They have grossly underestimated the strength and brilliance and pride of the American people. They’re not going to stand for it. They’re not going to take it.”

“The crackdown, censorship and cancel culture are not an expression of confidence. They are an expression of cowardice and the fear. And they are afraid.  They reveal not the dominance of the radical left, but their desperation and their despair. They are losing.  We are winning. They know it. They know it. And that’s why they go so far.  That’s why they are doing some of the crazy things that they’re doing.”

“My fellow Americans, this nation does not belong to the radicals, and it is not belong to the corrupt establishment in Washington that I’ve gotten to know very well. This nation belongs to you. It belongs to you. It was patriots like you that built this country and it was patriots like you that are going to save our country. To all of those who think they can coerce and subjugate citizens of this land, hear these words from me tonight:

“The People of America will not surrender our borders. We will not surrender our culture.  We will not surrender our faith. We will not surrender our value. We will not surrender our history. We will to surrender our liberty. And above all we, will not surrender our children to the small band bullies and extremists who want to tell everyone else what to do.”

“We are done with the fascists and communists and socialists, and we are done with this distorted visions for America.”

‘Very Simply, Paper Ballots’

“This coming midterm election is more critical than ever before. I’m asking all of you to fight and work hard to elect candidates that believe in the principles and policies that we hold so dear. This is a tipping point for the country and the stakes could not be higher. Losing is not an option we must win in 2022.  We must win and 2024.”

“We all know what happens when you get a rigged election, like in 2020, will never happen again. We all know laws were not followed. Ballot harvesting was rampant. We all know State constitutions were also ignored all over our country, and you’re not allowed to do that. The only ones that can make the changes are the state will legislatures, and they didn’t make the changes. We must agree this can never ever happen again in this country. Every state must adopt election integrity measures, signature verification. Illegal immigrants can not be allowed to vote like they are currently allowed in New York City.”

“Republicans need to watch the vote counting up close from the start to the finish. We can’t allow thugs to fire people, which is  what happened. Mail in ballots need to be in secure rooms with cameras so there can be tampering with ballots. Voter rolls must be updated and they must be accurate, not changed after the election takes place. We must seek a goal of voter ID. This is a goal we have to seek. This is what we should have. Voter ID. Same day voting, like we’ve always done.”

“No mail-in ballots except for our military and people who are truly sick.”

“And you know what would be really wonderful, too, what would be really wonderful, too? It’s asking a lot. A thing called, very simply, paper ballots.”

“I have a young son, Barron, young son and he can make his computer sing. I turn it off and I lock it. Two minutes later, ‘Hi, Dad, how you doing?’ I say, ‘What are you doing, son?’ ‘ Yeah, I know how to get it open, Dad.’ Bad things happen with the vote, very bad things happen. Wonderful thing if we could ever go — by the way, Canada goes to paper ballots, you know that right? Canada.  Paper ballots. America is the greatest country on Earth. And we must insist on integrity in the process so we are confident of the results. Because what you have now, you have 80% of the party thinking the vote was a horrible vote.”

“You must get your state legislatures to act now before November. They have to move. They have to act.”

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