Fairfax County, near Washington, will not honor U.S. requests on illegal immigrants, sheriff announces

by WorldTribune Staff, January 26, 2018

The sheriff of northern Virginia’s Fairfax County said the county will no longer honor federal immigration officials’ requests on extending the detention of illegal aliens, a report said.

Fairfax County Sheriff Stacey A. Kincaid

Sheriff Stacey A. Kincaid announced on Jan. 23 that her department will continue to share information on people booked into the county’s jail with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but will not hold them beyond their regular release time, The Washington Times reported.

The policy will begin on May 23, the sheriff said.

“We found it expedient to no longer have an agreement that required us to extend our resources beyond these obligations,” Kincaid said.

More than 30 percent of Fairfax County’s 1.2 million people are immigrants.

“Fairfax County’s out-of-touch and overzealous sheriff unilaterally took it upon herself to risk the safety and welfare of 1.2 million Fairfax citizens, especially the most vulnerable – first and second generation immigrants in the Latino community,” Publisher Ken Hannigan wrote in a Jan. 26 editorial for the Fairfax Free Citizen.

“Often, ICE agents faced with huge workloads need the now prohibited detention extensions that are often required to process custody and deportation paperwork. Without the extensions, illegal immigrant criminals will be turned loose on their communities,” Hannigan wrote.

ICE officials told The Washington Post in June 2017 that the brutal MS-13 gang has between 900 and 1,100 members in Fairfax County.

“Two Latino generations in the county, parents and children, are the number one victims of the crimes being perpetrated by illegal immigrant gangs as they seek to establish their presence in the county,” Hannigan wrote.

“Here is the Left’s hypocrisy on full parade: implementing a law enforcement policy that harms the very Latino community that it claims to be protecting.”

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