Facebook’s Zuckerberg funding election judges in Pennsylvania: ‘What could go wrong?’

by WorldTribune Staff, November 6, 2020

A federal lawsuit filed on Oct. 19 noted that Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg provided the funds to double the number of polling places in Philadelphia and that he is also paying for judges to oversee ballot counting.

Votebook: Turns out that Mark Zuckerberg has a heavy hand it what is transpiring in Philadelphia. / C-SPAN

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania, highlights how a grant for $10 million from the Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) explicitly requires the City of Philadelphia open no fewer than 800 new polling places – and failing to do so may require the City to forfeit the grant money. The funding from Zuckerberg also pays for judges to oversee ballot counts and the outcome of disputes that arise regarding the eligibility of ballots in the election.

The plaintiffs in the case, the Pennsylvania Voters Alliance and several officeholders and candidates, previously filed a complaint against Centre County, Delaware County, and the City of Philadelphia, and Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Kathy Boockvar.

“Municipal leaders have ceded their role as a local authority to CTCL with powers that rightfully belong to the people of Pennsylvania through their representatives in Harrisburg by effectively inviting this partisan billionaire into the ballot counting room,” said Tom King, the legal counsel representing the plaintiffs in the case.”

Washington Times reporter Rowan Scarborough noted: “They are still voting in Pennsylvania. Three days after Nov. 3. Dems tried that in other states but judges said no. Continued voting after election day would be considered fraud by UN observers. News reports said more ballots coming in. No post mark required. Or matching signature. UN observers would also consider that evidence of fraud.”

Phill Kline, Director of the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, which is supporting the litigation in Pennsylvania, said: “We are fighting Mark Zuckerberg around the country where he is using CTCL, a nonprofit founded and managed by Obama-affiliated operatives, to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to leftist strongholds in several battleground states to determine the outcome of the election. This is a scheme engineered by partisan activists under the guise of COVID-related support. The privatization of the election undermines the integrity of the election.”

Political commentator Mark Steyn noted: “So swing-state elections are now a subsidiary of Facebook: Votebook. What could go wrong?”

Steyn noted in a post on The Mark Steyn Club website: “Just a general observation from a foreigner feeling ever more foreign since Wednesday morning: I have spent election night in many countries over the years, and have never seen what I saw on Tuesday night. And I am amazed that even the parochial brain-dead American legacy media could pass off what happened in Philadelphia as normal. Everywhere else the polls close and the riding or constituency counts the votes until they’re all done and they have a final 100 percent result – by 9pm, 11.30pm, 3am, however long it takes. But, in Philadelphia and elsewhere, they suddenly stop counting and everyone goes home until late the following morning to start counting the boxes that have shown up under cover of darkness.”

Steyn went on to note: “But with every couple of hours it’s clear that Fox News called Arizona way too early, and that, if it’s an honest count, the probability is that that state will fall back into the Trump column – which, with Georgia, NC and Penn, would be enough to get him past 270. That’s a very big ‘if’, but it would seem more likely than any beneficial result from state judges, even those not cashing a Zuckerberg check.”

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