Facebook bans Europe-wide anti-mass migration movement

by WorldTribune Staff, June 24, 2018

Facebook has permanently banned the European anti-mass migration Generation Identity movement.

The British branch of the identitarian movement started last year with a banner drop on Westminster bridge.

Facebook confirmed the group was permanently banned from the site, citing its policies against “extremist content and organized hate groups.”

Breitbart reported that the ban impacts all branches of the identitarian movement, including in Britain, Austria, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, and France. The original Generation Identitaire group was founded in France.

On its website, Generation Identity says the identitarian movement is a “non-violent youth movement that highlights the need for open and honest public debate about immigration policies, identity and the future of our nations and of Europe.”

The website states the movement’s goals as stopping the Islamization of Europe, opposing globalization and to “stop and reverse the Great Replacement” in which a native population is replaced by a foreign one.

The French wing of the movement, in a press release on Facebook’s censorship of their pages which the group said began earlier this year, said: “By depriving Generation Identitaire of any representation on its platform, Facebook tries to gag a political movement that has accumulated hundreds of thousands of subscribers throughout Europe.”

Generation Identitaire indicated a possible future legal battle with the social media giant.

The British branch put out a statement accusing Facebook of banning the personal accounts of activists for as little as sharing the logo of the group, the Greek letter lambda.

The ban comes only months after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg was grilled by U.S. Republican Senator Ted Cruz on the subject of censoring conservatives.

“There are a great many Americans who I think are deeply concerned that Facebook and other tech companies are engaged in a pervasive pattern of bias and political censorship,” Cruz said.

Breitbart reported that the indentitarian movement’s banning by Facebook was celebrated on Twitter by the George Soros-funded organization HOPE not Hate.

Earlier this year, HOPE not Hate tweeted out the private location of a British identitarian conference during which leftist Antifa extremists “showed up to the venue and became violent, leading to the arrest of one Antifa member,” the report said.

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