Every lie will be revealed: Why the hopelessly corrupt DOJ cannot crush the Arizona audit

Special to WorldTribune.com

Jeffrey T. Kuhner

Attorney General Merrick Garland wants to suppress and shut down Arizona’s post-election audit. The question is: What are he and the Democrats so afraid of?

For weeks, Arizona officials have been conducting a thorough, comprehensive and independent forensic audit of the presidential election ballots cast in Maricopa County, the most populous county in the state of Arizona. Joe Biden barely edged out Donald Trump. The audit is almost complete; election officials are expected to release their conclusive findings shortly.

‘Garland has no constitutional or legal standing to challenge, contest or scrutinize Arizona’s election audit. / Video Image

Yet, in a brazen attempt to cover-up and bury the audit’s results, Garland recently announced at a major press conference that he will be unleashing the full power of the Department of Justice (DOJ) to squash the audit and the final report itself.

In particular, Garland said the DOJ will “scrutinize” every aspect of Arizona’s forensic audit for any technical violations of federal law. According to the attorney general, any “illegalities” found will justify sending in FBI agents to raid the auditorium where the audit is being conducted, seize all the ballots and voting machines, and arrest everyone involved.

Moreover, Garland stated he is doubling the number of staff at the Civil Rights Division, threatening to unleash a wave of prosecutions not just against Arizona but any state that seeks to imitate it by performing post-election audits of their own. He also said challenging or even criticizing the November 2020 election results will be treated by the FBI as a form of domestic “terrorism” and “disinformation” that threatens to “undermine our democracy.”

In other words, anyone who dissents from the official Democrat-media narrative will be potentially labeled a criminal and an enemy of the state. This is progressive authoritarianism — a naked assault on free speech and free expression.

It is also state-sanctioned blackmail and intimidation. Garland is a political thug (and a Biden hack), who is seeking to frighten the brave patriots in Arizona — and elsewhere — from completing their audit and finding out who really won the presidential election.

In fact, Arizona’s audit has been so open, fair, rigorous and transparent, thirteen other states — including key battlegrounds such as Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia — have expressed interest in conducting forensic ballot audits as well.

Garland and the Democrats are in clear panic mode, fearing the Arizona model will spread around the country. This is why he’s threatening a sweeping crackdown and to send in FBI-Gestapo agents. He believes the corrupt DOJ can bully conservative patriots into submission and silence.

Notice what bothers Garland is not the rampant voter fraud and election crimes that took place in November 2020; rather, it is the attempt to have post-election audits in order to determine the fairness and veracity of the election results. It is the truth that worries him and the Biden regime.

Garland, however, has no constitutional or legal standing to challenge, contest or scrutinize Arizona’s election audit. It is textbook governmental overreach.

Elections — including ballot audits — are a state issue. The Arizona state legislature approved the audit, and it was upheld multiple times by Arizona judges when Democrats sought to rescind it in court.

In other words, Garland can threaten and scream all he wants, the federal government does not have the authority, power or jurisdiction to intervene or prevent the audit from being completed. He is blowing smoke.

Which (again) begs the question: What are the Democrats so afraid of? The answer is simple — and obvious: That Maricopa was stolen by Biden’s campaign. Hence, by extension, Arizona itself was stolen.

The dark cloud hanging over our republic is that Trump is right: The election — and the presidency — was unfairly and illegally taken from him.

Biden is an illegitimate and fraudulent president. The Arizona audit threatens to reveal all of this. Because if Arizona was stolen, then inexorable pressure will build to conduct post-election audits in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin (among other states).

The Big Lie will be exposed — and the American public will demand that the election be reversed and overturned. It will plunge our country into a constitutional and legal crisis, shaking the Biden regime, the Democrat corporate media, and Big Tech to its very foundations.

The ruling class will never recover. Having risked all to get rid of Trump, they are now on the verge of potentially losing it all.

This is why Garland and his corrupt DOJ and FBI will do everything they can to try to crush or discredit Arizona’s audit. Their power, the criminal Biden regime itself, hangs in the balance.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at WorldTribune.com and the host of “The Kuhner Report” weekdays 6-10 a.m. EST on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.