EPA’s Wheeler hits back at media attacks: ‘Lazy’; ‘Real news service?’

by WorldTribune Staff, June 7, 2019

The chief of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that he is frequently taken out of context by “lazy” reporters in the corporate media bent on attacking the Trump Administration’s policies which include the comprehensive revoking of Obama-era regulations.

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler

“I get stuff out of context all the time. All the time, every single day, almost every single article written about me by the mainstream media takes something out of context,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said.

“It tells me that most reporters are lazy these days,” he said. “What does it say about the state of journalism today? It’s atrocious,” he said.

Wheeler said the last straw that led him to speak out came this week with what he said was a far out of context quote attributed to him by a Yahoo News reporter which was retweeted by The New York Times.

After he spoke to the National Press Club, Yahoo News tweeted out, “ ‘The media does a disservice to the American public’ by reporting on global warming, says EPA head Andrew Wheeler. Wants more positive coverage.”

Wheeler told Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard that that he did not like how the quote was framed in the tweet. He said that his comment was aimed at nonstop negative coverage that doesn’t tell the story of years of improvement at the EPA.

“I mean, is Yahoo even a real news service?” Wheeler said.

Wheeler said it was one of a long string of media efforts meant to mock President Donald Trump’s environmental record. He added that there is a pack mentality with anti-Trump media and he cited the retweeting of the Yahoo report by other media.

Wheeler also charged that the media would not have retweeted anything disparaging about a Democrat without checking first.

“If somebody had put out a fake quote about somebody else that made them look bad, a Democrat or one of the Democratic presidential candidates, they would have verified and double verified and called to make sure it was accurate. They probably wouldn’t have even tweeted it if it was negative against somebody that they liked. They would either ignore it or just double check and triple check it,” Wheeler told Bedard.

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