Editorial: Do you like your mask? You can keep your mask

by WorldTribune Editorial Board, November 8, 2020

The role of media is to help people know important and fun things happening outside the tiny bubbles in time and space where we all live and breathe.

As kids in the mid-twentieth century, some of us came home from school and read the local afternoon daily on the living room floor: Sports, the Mideast, Washington, local, features. It was all there.

Fast forward a few decades and we were reading the Washington Post at breakfast, only because journalists had to. The exercise would bring blood to a boil. What could be more infuriating than deliberate efforts by colleagues in our profession to mislead the public?

But with the election and re-election of Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, there is no longer a pretense of objectivity by the six corporations that control all media. We are simply being told what the facts are and how to interpret them. And yes, you had damn well better wear your masks.

As Washington journalist Becket Adams wrote on his blog:

Reports, videos, and other evidence of rampant and brazen voter fraud from all across the country — especially in jurisdictions controlled by Democrats — continue pouring in faster than the Big Tech giants can censor it and the fake “fact-checking” industry can dishonestly attempt to discredit it. …

Some analysts have suggested that the Democrats’ vote fraud is so brazen in this election that it was as if the fraudsters did not even care if it was known — or worse, that they wanted conservatives to realize the vote was rigged.

This is not the America of our birth that provides inspiration and hope for a better future to the entire world.

So where are these totalitarians [a small minority by the way] in our political-media-cultural ruling class taking us?

We would offer a two-word answer: North Korea.

It is not a world any of us can now imagine, but seeing how far we have come in 2020, it may not be far off.

Please read the following about North Korea and Shin Dong-Hyuk, author of ‘Escape from Camp 14.’

The centrality of lying as the art of survival in Orwellian North Korea

And …

Defector blasts tourists to N. Korea

We have studiously avoided editorials at WorldTribune.com because the economics of the Internet news business leave no time for staking out policy positions.

And as Fox News once advertised: “We report, you decide.” [Like many, we will refrain from watching Fox News ever again except for the night talk shows, as long as they continue.]

But for people of conscience who fear God, we are at a watershed moment in America.

We must preserve objective reality and retain our critical faculties. Parents with children and responsibilities must be shepherds, not sheep.

We must uphold the rule of law. If that means bulldozing the Department of Justice and prosecuting Soros-subsidized District Attorneys, so be it.

We must uphold the Bill of Rights in our Constitution.

We must do these things for our children and descendants and for the nations of the world who look to us for hope and inspiration and who marvel at the concept of a government by and for the people, not over the people.

Where else has there been, until now, “one nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all?”

So what is our conclusion? We have some modest suggestions:

• Take off your masks.
• Ignore corporate media and call out those who presume its “information” is Gospel.
• Treat the government as your constitutionally-mandated servant.
• Take seriously the reports of what is happening in government kindergartens and remove your children from government schools.
• Use DuckDuckGo, not Google. Don’t assume Facebook will help you “spread the word.”
• Don’t take anything at face value or believe Democrats or people claiming to be your friends who say they have your best interests at heart.
• Finally support other people of conscience and privately-owned and independent media.

The war of ideas will be won in the end by people of God. Better to win that war now, rather than centuries later.

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