Dominion files lawsuit against alternative media on same day Lindell symposium opens

by WorldTribune Staff, August 10, 2021

Dominion Voting Systems on Tuesday filed defamation lawsuits against independent media outlets Newsmax and One America News Network (OAN) as well as former CEO Patrick Byrne.

Meanwhile, Mike Lindell kicked off his 72-hour live-streamed “cyber symposium” on Tuesday which he said will show the world that the U.S. “election was taken, hacked into by China.”

The MyPillow CEO said, over the three days of the symposium, he will prove that the 2020 presidential election was hacked by a foreign country.

Lindell says he has 37 terabytes of “irrefutable” evidence that hackers, who he said were backed by China, broke into election systems and switched votes in favor of Joe Biden, which he plans to present at the event.

Lindell has also been sued by Dominion, a company founded in Canada that has become integral to election systems in the United States and other countries.

Threats of lawsuits by Dominion early this year have largely silenced almost all media coverage of both the company and widespread reports of irregularities and fraud in the Nov. 3, 2020 U.S. presidential elections.

Dominion accused Newsmax, OAN, and Byrne of repeatedly pushing false voter fraud claims that created “an alternate reality where up is down, pigs have wings, and Dominion engaged in a colossal fraud to steal the presidency from Donald Trump by rigging the vote,” the Daily Caller News Foundation reported. OAN reporters Chanel Rion and Christina Bobb were also listed as defendants.

“Newsmax helped create and cultivate an alternate reality where up is down, pigs have wings, and Dominion engaged in a colossal fraud to steal the presidency from Donald Trump by rigging the vote,” the suit against Newsmax says.

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Lindell said his website, Frank Speech, was hacked Tuesday morning, interrupting the livestream on how Chinese hackers defrauded the 2020 presidential election and delaying the start of the event.

“We’ve been attacked, they attacked,” Lindell told the in-person attendees in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. “We have backup. We’re going to be up and running. But I’m going to wait to run that live [stream] to start because everyone’s gonna see everything we got.”

The livestream was restored (see below) just before 10 a.m. Central Daylight Time, one hour after the event was scheduled to begin.

Lindell said he hoped the event would attract 1 billion viewers.

“It’ll be the most-seen event in history,” he told The Washington Times. “I believe that because everyone in the world is going to be curious to see this. And they’re going to be talking going, ‘You got to see this. This is real. The United States was, their election was taken, hacked into by China.’ ”

Dominion CEO John Poulos said in a statement: “The defendants in today’s filings recklessly disregarded the truth when they spread lies in November and continue to do so today. We are filing these three cases today because the defendants named show no remorse, nor any sign they intend to stop spreading disinformation.”

Dominion is alleging in its lawsuits that the defendants’ “viral disinformation campaign” cost it more than $1 billion and prevented it from becoming a multi-billion dollar company. The company reported it lost more than $463 million in profits from existing customers and $68 million from potential customers.

In March, Dominion sued Fox News for $1.6 billion in damages.

Dominion also sued Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, who both filed voter fraud suits on behalf of President Donald Trump after the November election.

Following is background information from Wikipedia:

Dominion Voting Systems Corporation is a company that sells electronic voting hardware and software, including voting machines and tabulators, in the United States and Canada. The company’s headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario, and Denver, Colorado. It develops software in-house in offices in the United States, Canada, and Serbia.

Dominion produces electronic voting machines, which allow voters to cast their vote electronically, as well as optical scanning devices to tabulate paper ballots. Dominion voting machines have been utilized in countries around the world, primarily in Canada and the United States. Dominion systems are employed in Canada’s major party leadership elections, and they are also used across the nation in local and municipal elections. Dominion products have been increasingly utilized in the United States in recent years. The company drew extensive attention during the United States presidential election of 2020, when devices manufactured by Dominion were used to process votes in twenty-eight states, including the swing states of Wisconsin and Georgia.

Dominion Voting Systems Corporation was founded in 2002 in Toronto, Ontario, by John Poulos and James Hoover.[20] The company develops proprietary software in-house and sells electronic voting hardware and software, including voting machines and tabulators, in the U.S. and Canada and retains a development team in their Serbian office. The company maintains headquarters in Toronto and in Denver, Colorado.[2] Its name comes from the Dominion Elections Act.

In May 2010, Dominion acquired Premier Election Solutions (formerly Diebold Election Systems, Inc.) from Election Systems & Software (ES&S). ES&S had just acquired Premier from Diebold and was required to sell off Premier by the United States Department of Justice for anti-trust concerns. In June 2010, Dominion acquired Sequoia Voting Systems.

In 2018, Dominion was acquired by its management and Staple Street Capital, a private equity firm.

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