‘Dirtiest trick’: DNC bought and paid for Russian dossier, but Democrat media focus on Flake

by WorldTribune Staff, October 26, 2017

When news broke this week that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee had funded the discredited dossier from Russian sources that smeared President Donald Trump, the major media’s long-running narrative on Trump-Russia collusion was effectively neutralized.

Those who were paying attention and can think critically could immediately see the year-long barrage of innuendo and allegations aimed at discrediting a sitting U.S. president for what it was. So how would the purveyors of that narrative handle the news?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC paid as much as $9 million for the Trump dossier.

By ignoring it.

Although the news was reported, the major media’s front pages today are focusing instead on the exit of Arizona Sen. Floyd Flake and the “civil war” in the Republican Party.

On the front page of The New York Times website, which boasts that its coverage offers “Not just the what. But the why”, there are headlines about tax cuts and how “The party of Lincoln is now the party of Trump”, but nothing on the dossier and its no-longer-secret owner.

What about the Washington Post, where “Real journalism matters”?

The Post, which actually broke the Clinton-Russia collusion news on Oct. 25, did not have it on the front page on Oct. 26. Instead, it was GOP infighting and the Trump “authoritarian cult”.

Google News’s Top Stories page spotlighted the GOP civil war and “Yes, the Trump-Russia investigation is real”. The dossier does not merit a mention.

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The dossier story got new legs after Rep. Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, issued an Oct. 4 subpoena for the bank records of Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that handled the dossier.

That paved the way for the revelation on Oct. 25 that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC paid as much as $9 million for the bogus Russian-sourced dossier authored by ex-British spy Christopher Steele.

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin called it Clinton’s “dirtiest political trick.”

The Oct. 25 revelation “goes a long way to explaining how the dossier was so widely spread among political reporters during the election,” Goodwin wrote. “The Clinton camp must have passed it out like Halloween candy to its media handmaidens.”

Goodwin continued: “The finding also raises the possibility that the dossier is what led the Obama White House to snoop on members of Trump’s team, and leak the ‘unmasked’ names to the anti-Trump media in a bid to help Clinton.

“In short, we now have compelling evidence that the dossier was the largest and dirtiest dirty trick of the 2016 campaign. And Clinton, who has played the victim card ever since her loss, was behind it the whole time.”

But, if you hadn’t heard the news on Oct. 25, you would be hard-pressed to find it in the MSM’s reporting on Oct. 26.

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