Data: Most in new surge of Israel’s Covid cases were vaccinated

by WorldTribune Staff, August 4, 2021

The vast majority of new serious cases of Covid in Israel are vaccinated individuals, author and independent journalist Alex Berenson noted.

Serious cases of the virus “have risen 10-fold since the beginning of July — from roughly five a day to about 40 over the last week,” Berenson said in an Aug. 3 report. “The overall number of patients has soared too — from 30 to more than 200.”

Israel and the UK “are much better at providing data than the United States — they provide updates every day, which limits their opportunities to manipulate it,” he noted.

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That data shows that, throughout July, most new Covid patients at hospitals were vaccinated.

The trend among serious illness in older vaccinated people “is terrible,” Berenson noted. “The rate of cases has risen 12-fold IN A MONTH. On July 4, fewer than 1 older vaccinated person in 100,000 became seriously ill. Today the rate is 10 in 100,000.”

Berenson continued: “It is worth noting that rates of serious illness among the vaccinated are now as high as they were among the unvaccinated only TWO WEEKS AGO. Perhaps that’s why the Israeli government is now predicting a further quadrupling of new serious cases by the end of August.”

A quadrupling would represent 800 serious cases. That would approaching the peak of the winter surge, which Berenson noted was “probably fueled by a spike in cases following the first vaccine dose.”

Israel can’t blame the unvaccinated for the surge in new cases, Berenson noted, as around 85 percent of adults over 30 are fully vaccinated, well above the range experts said would provide herd immunity.

“And yet instead of pulling back and at least considering a pause on vaccinations as it digests the disaster of the last month, Israel is going the other way — pushing a third dose on the elderly,” Berenson wrote. “Meanwhile the cry to mandate or quasi-mandate vaccinations in the United States is only getting louder.”

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