Damning and stunning IRS whistleblower transcripts released; Hunter attends state dinner

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, June 23, 2023

Anyone who buys into that “no one is above the law” spiel need only take a look at Hunter Biden’s week. But before that timeline, first the news about a political scandal of unprecedented gravity and scale.

Hunter Biden at Thursday’s state dinner honoring Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. / Video Image

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith on Thursday released five previously secret documents detailing evidence from two IRS whistleblowers who alleged the DOJ interfered with the Hunter Biden tax probe in an unprecedented manner.

The following summary of the whistleblower testimony was posted by Marco Polo research group founder Garrett Ziegler on Telegram from “Unredacted American”:

1. Exhibit 6 is a detailed timeline by IRS Agents concerning Hunter’s actions with regard to the Laptop left at John Paul Mac Isaac’s shop. The IRS used bank records of purchase activities to verify Hunter’s presence in the area, and phone records document calls between Mac Isaac and Hunter. There can be no mistake that Hunter Biden left his laptop at the repair shop, at this point.

2. As previously known, the FBI sent Wilson and Dzielak to pick up the laptop pursuant to a GJ subpoena, as well as the external drive Hunter purchased and dropped off at Mac Isaac’s shop to transfer the laptop data.

3. The laptop and external drive serial numbers matched those of a computer belonging to Hunter BIden. The IRS investigation proved this by matching the identifying number of the iCloud account on the laptop to the iCloud account held by Apple for customer Hunter Biden.

4. The FBI did extract the data from the devices, and further performed a forensic examination of the laptop which verified that no material alterations of the data were made. Therefore, the duplication of data performed by John Paul Mac Isaac was not subject to tampering, and the copy provided to Marco Polo shows no alteration, deletion or insertion into any of the duplicated data. Further, no alteration, deletion or insertion of data was made by Marco Polo, and our forensic analysis of our copy of the Biden Laptop hard drive shows no alterations, deletions or insertions of the hard drive’s data after it left the custody of John Paul Mac Isaac and before it was provided to us.

5. The earliest date that DOJ and the FBI were aware of incriminating contents of the data was February 10, 2020, when the Filter Review was completed.

6. DOJ and particularly the USAO Delaware office were aware, based on testimony from Shapley, that:

a. FARA violations had been found in the Biden Laptop contents

b. IRS investigators and USAO Delaware knew that Hunter had paid prostitutes to cross state lines for the purposes of prostitution on numerous occasions, including paying for air fare. Shapley and others intended to interview the prostitutes.

7. The apparent scope of the investigation into Hunter Biden’s crimes focused primarily on tax crimes. At least the lying on a Federal firearms application and FARA were also discussed. However, there is no apparent interest in pursuing money laundering, Mann Act, and other matters. Likewise, no referrals for potential state law violations are mentioned, and appear to have been avoided.

8. Disclosure of the message today by Rep. Smith conclusively proves that Joe Biden lied when he said that he had no discussions with Hunter about business dealings. Joe Biden was present and invoked in a call with Henry Zhao, a Chinese national with whom Hunter was engaged in “business.” The communication appears to be a threat over failing to meet a “commitment”, with the clearly implied promise that Joe Biden “and every person he knows” would participate in punishing Zhao.

9. Hunter Biden attempted to pass off funds paid by Burisma as a loan. However, that attempt to conceal income and avoid taxes fell apart as no loan documentation was found by the IRS investigation. The income was taxable. However, at least one DOJ Tax attorney, Jack Morgan, appeared to downplay the absence of evidence, claiming “this is not a typical case.”

10. Shapley documents a large number of instances where various higher-ranking officials either failed to do their job, acted slowly, or took inexcusably harmful actions to the detriment of the investigation.

11. In particular, Lesley Wolf is singled out for driving the investigation “her way.” Among other things, Lesley Wolf:

a. Was personally aware of enticing prostitutes to cross state lines for the purposes of engaging in prostitution, and took no steps to prosecute these offenses.

(View the full whistleblower testimony here.)

Rowan Scarborough of The Washington Times added the following in a Facebook post:

IRS whistleblower

The IRS criminal division assigned a code name to Hunter Biden: “Sportsman.”

2. The lead IRS investigator said Department of Justice prosecutors repeatedly told his Hunter Biden team to stay away from anything related to President Biden.

3. Delaware US Attorney Weiss agreed there was ample evidence to obtain a warrant to search Biden’s guest house where Hunter stayed but would not approve one.

4. IRS agents were set to execute a search warrant on Hunter storage unit when a DoJ prosecutor alerted Hunter’s legal team the IRS was coming. No search happened.

5. Despite blocking searches, Weiss’ office did agree to prosecute Hunter. “AUSA Wolf supported charging Hunter Biden for tax evasion and false return in 2014, 2018, and 2019, and failure to file or pay for 2015, 2016, and 2017.” This would be far more serious than the two misdemeanors announced by Weiss this week.

6. the Biden-appointed U.S. attorney for D.C. would not let Weiss charge Hunter with tax violations that happened in D.C. Weiss asked for special counsel status to bring those charges, but Merrick Garland or someone high up at DoJ, said no.

Now back to Hunter Biden’s magical week:

The Department of Justice announced on Tuesday that, after a five-year investigation into his finances and a gun violation in which most get charged with a felony, the first son will only face two misdemeanor counts of tax evasion and was gifted a diversion agreement for possessing a firearm as a drug user. The deal is likely to keep Joe Biden’s son out of jail.

On Thursday, congressional Republicans released whistleblower testimony showing that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter’s overseas business deals. The testimony included allegations of widespread DOJ interference in the investigation of Hunter Biden, including the blockage of two search warrants and more extensive criminal charges.

But major media was given a convenient out to ignore the blockbuster revelations, which they did. Even though they knew the Titan submersible had imploded on Sunday, Team Biden waited until Thursday to release the devastating news which dominated major media coverage.

On Thursday night, Hunter Biden attended a lavish state dinner at the White House in honor of visiting Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.

But the revelations from the IRS whistleblower are not going away. Which begs the question, will the hammer of justice finally come down on what critics call the “Biden Crime Family.” Will we be able to truthfully say that “no one is above the law?”

Meanwhile, the so-called “Biden Crime Family” was well-represented at Thursday night’s state dinner. Along with Joe and Hunter where Joe’s brother James, Joe’s daughter Ashley, and Joe’s granddaughter Naomi and her new husband Peter Neal.

Also at the event: Attorney General Merrick Garland.

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