Cruz on the new DrudgeReport: Apparently ‘Roger Stone now decides’ what get published

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GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz said in a radio interview on April 11 that the Drudge Report has “become the attack site for the Donald Trump campaign.”

In an interview on The Mike Slater Show on KFMB 760 AM in California, host Mike Slater asked Cruz: “What do you think of Drudge Report lately? Not even about Trump, but their anti-Christian headlines?”

The Trump campaign "now decides what's on Drudge," Sen. Ted Cruz contends. /Reuters
The Trump campaign “now decides what’s on Drudge,” Sen. Ted Cruz contends. /Reuters

Cruz responded:

“Look, Drudge Report over the years has done a good job highlighting the excesses of the left and the excesses of liberalism, and about the past month the Drudge Report has basically become the attack site for the Donald Trump campaign.

“And so every day they have the latest Trump attack. They’re directed at me. It — by all appearances, Roger Stone now decides what’s on Drudge, and most days they have a six-month-old article that is some attack on me, and it’s — whatever the Trump campaign is pushing that day will be the banner headline on Drudge.

“By the way, they no longer cover news. Remember they used to have things like election results? They don’t put those on Drudge anymore. When we win a state, suddenly the state doesn’t matter. You know Colorado — there was no red siren on Drudge when we won all 34 delegates in Colorado. That wasn’t news, because — I mean listen, that’s fine. If people want to get on the Trump train, they can. I actually think we need real and meaningful solutions to the problems in this country, and as president my focus is going to be on three things: jobs, freedom and security.”

Trump, meanwhile, after gaining no delegates from the Colorado state Republican convention, declared that “the system is rigged.”

“For example – South Carolina I won in a massive landslide,” the GOP frontrunner said on Fox & Friends on April 11. “Now they’re trying to pick off those delegates one by one… What kind of a system is this?”

“I win Louisiana by a lot,” he continued. “I get thousands of more votes than Cruz, and then I find out I get less delegates… The system is rigged. I see it now, 100 percent.”

“Look at Colorado – the people don’t even get a chance to vote… I heard [F&F co-host Pete Hegseth] talking about ‘that’s the way it is.’ Well that really shouldn’t be the way it is.”

“That’s not the way democracy is supposed to work.”