Cruz: Left’s ‘totalitarian cult’ continues even after covid vaccine

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 16, 2020

Lockdowns and mask mandates are merely part of the Left’s “Great Reset.” It’s not about saving lives. It’s about control. Once they get a taste for it, they never give it up.

Dr. Vin Gupta

Dr. Vin Gupta, a so-called “health policy analyst” for NBC News, insists that even after people get the second and final dose of the coronavirus vaccine they should restrict travel and continue to wear masks until every person in America gets the full vaccine.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz tapped into the mindset of millions of Americans when he tweeted in response to Gupta: “This is a bizarre, lunatic, totalitarian cult. It’s not about vaccines or protecting people’s lives — it is instead profoundly anti-science, and is only focused on absolute govt control of every aspect of our lives.”

Gupta proudly displayed his degree in tyranny on “Meet the Press” in response to news that one of the first people in America to receive the covid vaccine was excited because it meant they would be free to travel.

“Just for your viewers out there. I know one of the individual schools we just saw getting vaccinated is planning on traveling after this second dose. This is a source of confusion; this is one of the misperceptions here: just ’cause you get vaccinated with that second dose does not mean you should be participating in things like traveling in the middle of an out-of-control pandemic or that you’re liberated from masks,” Gupta said.

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan tweeted: “First, it was don’t wear a mask. Then, it was slow the spread. Then, it was lock everything down. Then, it was wear a mask. Then, it was wait for the vaccine. Now that we have the vaccine, they tell us it’s not going to stop. Freedom!”

Dr. Nan Hayworth, a former member of Congress from New York, stated: “This doesn’t make sense. If an individual can’t *reasonably safely* be assumed to have acquired immunity from completed COVID vaccination, then herd immunity ALSO can’t be assumed. The herd consists of individuals with immunity. If the vaccine works, you should be clear.”

Gupta insisted: “Everything still applies until all of us get the two-dose regimen. We don’t think that’s going to happen until June and July.”

VS Media Podcast host Stephen Miller summed it up: “A full and total revolt on corporate media won’t be over political bias. It will be over shit like this.”

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