‘Crossing the desert’: Canadian publisher says ‘wheels coming off the rickety anti-Trump coalition’

by WorldTribune Staff, March 31, 2021

The members of the coordinated anti-Trump coalition that drove the 45th President from office are now “turning on themselves” … “and they are ruining the country,” a Canadian financier and newspaper publisher said.

“The Trump-hate coalition is crumbling,” Conrad Black wrote for American Greatness on March 29.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are trying to stop the collapse of the anti-Trump coalition by holding on to Jan. 6 as long as possible, Conrad Black noted.

“There will be no further serious pursuit of him legally or pseudo-legally and the wheels are coming off the rickety anti-Trump coalition in all four directions,” Black wrote.

Team Biden “for absolutely no plausible political or humane purpose (other than to admit millions more illegal voters),” Black noted, “has opened the southern border while failing to be able to offer one truthful answer to questions about its border policy. The United States is now directly complicit with the Mexican drug and slave gangs in opening up access to the country and is deliberately importing unskilled labor to undermine the standard of living of American lower-income citizens.”

Meanwhile, the “African American militants who were allowed by the Democratic big-city mayors to ransack urban America all summer and were rewarded for their murder, vandalism, and looting with the defamation and defunding of the nation’s urban police forces, are agitating and threatening with redoubled vigor.”

Black continued: “The rabid Democratic media outlets that made the campaign for the semi-comatose candidate are largely in a state of upheaval. Leading media Trump-haters such as MSNBC president Phil Griffin and CNN head Jeff Zucker have gone or are going, and despite frantic attempts to appease them, many of the great anti-Trump newsrooms are being overrun by belligerent white-hating minorities.”

Congressional Democrats hope to prevent the complete collapse of the anti-Trump coalition by holding on to Jan. 6 for as long as possible, Black noted.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “was warming up to engage General Russell Honoré, a well-known antagonist of President Trump’s, to investigate the January 6 episode at the U.S. Capitol,” Black wrote. “Incoming Attorney General Merrick Garland stumbled and hesitated but eventually stated that the most complicated investigation facing his department was the events of January 6. This cannot possibly be true, because even the implausible surviving head of the thoroughly discredited FBI, Christopher Wray, acknowledged in congressional testimony there was no evidence whatever that those events were coordinated or organized by elements connected to the former president.”

“Every informed person in the world knows that the events of January 6 were the result of a loose sequence of facts that were only allowed to aggregate into the assault on the Capitol because of the malice or incompetence of Trump’s enemies,” Black added.

Black concluded: “In four years this self-destructive Americaphobic nightmare will be over and a regime led or at least supported by Donald Trump will be back. In a phrase of General de Gaulle’s in the dark days of France, ‘We are crossing the desert.’ ”

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