Crackdown on ‘wrongthink’ already shaping up as elites prepare to take power

Special to, December 6, 2020

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

Supporters of President Donald Trump should harbor no illusions. If Democrat Joe Biden manages to get himself installed in the White House via massive voter fraud the next move will be the labeling of those who refuse to accept the legitimacy of this most illegitimate of presidents as “dangerous extremists” who must be targeted, closely watched and rooted out of decent society.

“The Left lies, they cheat and they steal,” a defiant Trump declared at a Dec. 5 rally in Valdosta, Georgia that was as much about rallying the troops to fight the Big Steal as boosting the Jan. 5 runoff campaigns of the Peach State’s two Republican sitting senators.

Neera Tanden / Wikimedia Commons

“They are ruthless and they are hellbent on getting power and control by any means necessary,” Trump continued. “They investigate you and they prosecute you. The moment you question them they try to intimidate you. They call you a poor American – ‘you’re not a good American, you don’t love our country.’

“They don’t love our country,” he continued. “They beat you down, shut you up and make you retreat.”

If the sham election is allowed to stand, we know how the intimidation campaign will go. A campaign against political opponents of the new Elitist regime is to be conducted under the guise of “combating right-wing extremism.”

Neera Tanden is head of the Center for American Progress (CAP). She is Biden’s choice to become director of the Office of Management and Budget in his ersatz administration. Tanden is a longtime Hillary Clinton intimate with cozy ties to the levers of Democratic establishment control. She has misleadingly been termed a “moderate” by some due to her withering assaults on progressive supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders. But her opposition to Sanders and his backers has little to do with ideology and everything to do with power. Tanden is a regime gatekeeper who will not brook outsider attempts to challenge DNC favorites for political office.

CAP therefore is a part of the ruling Democratic nexus. And there is nothing moderate about this organization. An action paper dated Oct. 30 on the CAP website at this moment reveals its plans to put the boots to any Americans who dare not go along with a progressive societal consensus and the tight network it represents.

“The Center for American Progress is taking part in a long-term project to generate a bipartisan policy blueprint to address violent white supremacy which we plan to release in the spring of 2021,” the paper states in an opening “author’s note.”

For those still unaware, everyone who disagrees with the dominant leftist-elitist establishment narrative today is a white supremacist.

The paper declares:

The increasingly polarized state of American politics, combined with the proliferation of social media networks, has allowed previously isolated hate groups to connect and coordinate. As a result, a new consensus is growing among counterterrorism watchers that the most significant terrorist threat to the United States is now the threat from violent white supremacists.

In other words, the country is deeply divided, but extremism is only a threat on one side of that partisan divide. “The shift in the primary terrorist threat to the homeland today is no longer a debate,” CAP decrees.

In a feeble attempt to conceal the 10,000-pound gorilla in the room, the project blatantly runs cover for Antifa. “Conservative commentators have also perpetuated the false narrative that political violence comes predominately from left-wing activists,” the paper asserts. “This rhetoric only encourages groups such as the six anti-government extremists who were recently indicted for a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.”

This lame argument is put forward despite the easily verifiable fact that one of the leaders of that motley would-be kidnapping ring is an anarchist who has called Trump a “tyrant” and an “enemy.”

No worries, though. Under the CAP action plan, establishment “expertism” representing both sides of the Swamp aisle will be tapped to define and identity just who the extremists are:

Organizations from the Brennan Center for Justice to the McCain Institute as well as state governments, FBI Director Christopher Wray, DHS, the National Counterterrorism Center, and multiple senior National Security Council officials across party lines have confirmed the increased threat of domestic terrorism, especially from violent white supremacists. Even the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, recently discussed white supremacist attacks as part of the global terrorism landscape.

Having defined the threat, the regime will then use Big Tech resources and other forms of intelligence gathering as weapons against it. “Improve data collection and analysis of the domestic terror threat,” is a stated solution to fighting the “extremists.”

Simon Clark is the top-billed co-author of the CAP paper. Clark is a senior fellow for Tanden’s organization. He also is closely aligned with top-level Biden aides. Clark is Chair of the Board of Directors for Foreign Policy For America (FP4A), a group teeming with members of Biden’s inner circle. Antony Blinken, Biden’s choice to be secretary of state, is on the Advisory Board of FP4A. Michele Flournoy, widely rumored to be Biden’s Defense secretary nominee, has served as “advisor and co-chair of Foreign Policy for America’s biannual scorecard meeting.”

We can see then that Clark rubs shoulders with the very people who are poised to accept dominant roles in a Biden White House. His operations planning should not be easily shrugged off.

And this planning is clearly aimed at Trump supporters. Let’s take a look at how this man defines “white supremacy.” In an outrageous article for the Center for American Progress in July titled “How White Supremacy Returned to Mainstream Politics,” Clark vilifies Trump’s immigration platform in the lowest of ways.

“As many commentators have noted, President Trump’s claim that immigrants will ‘infest our Country’ directly echoes Nazi propaganda and other precursors to genocidal violence,” Clark wrote.

He then went on to describe any opposition to illegal immigration as white supremacy:

President Trump’s campaign rhetoric surrounding immigration and invasion is the point at which he appears to most closely align with white supremacist concepts. Stopping immigration is the central aim of white nationalism, as white nationalists see this as the only way of stopping immigrants from taking power away from a white majority.

Clark also chairs the Board of Directors at the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), a British organization dedicated to wiping wrongthink off the Internet.

The Center is keenly engaged in working to get anyone opposed to or even alarmed by the risks surrounding vaccinations kicked off of social media platforms. An Oct. 14 post on the group’s website states:

Yesterday Facebook admitted it was morally wrong to profit from adverts spreading dangerous anti-vaccination messages. The tech giant promised it was “rejecting ads globally that discourage people from getting a vaccine” adding “we don’t want these ads on our platform.”

What is truly unnerving is how this organization sees that ill-defined descriptor “hate” manifesting itself on the Internet. A “Situation Analysis” by CCDH open-endedly states that:

• The Internet allows previously unconnected groups and individuals, often with limited resources, to reinforce and amplify common messages, as well as share strategies and templates for action.

• Authoritarian sectarian actors (including some politicians & parties), opponents of open migration, and socially conservative groups with nativist and patriarchal views are finding strategic and, increasingly, tactical alignment with racial and religious bigots.

Given such elastic goalposts, literally any free association among people online that indulges in political expression outside the stilted establishment party line can be seen as a dangerous breeding ground for “extremism.”

If you’d like to believe that this is a harmless fringe group, think again. CCDH played a crucial role in getting popular websites Zero Hedge and The Federalist demonetized by Google in June.

“Google’s ban comes after the company was notified of research from the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a British nonprofit that combats online hate and misinformation,” NBC News reported. From an NBC News article:

Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, said it found advertisements for many companies that had otherwise made public statements supporting Black Lives Matter and the recent protests running on the websites.

“We found that lots of those companies are inadvertently funding through their advertising content that is outright racist in defense of white supremacism and contains conspiracy theories about George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement,” he said.

NBC News has gone Full Woke in recent years, and now rivals CNN in terms of leftist insanity by a major big-box media organ. It cites CCDH as a respected source in an Orwellian article demonizing vaccination skeptics published Nov. 30.

To read it is to understand just how wide a net is being cast for opponents of the New Order:

Such conspiracy theories (which purported the vaccine to be a clever cover for various forms of population control by a government “deep state,” private philanthropists or even Satan) weren’t limited to anti-vaccine fringe groups, [the NGO] First Draft reported, but were resonating with outside networks. Disparate communities including Libertarian, New Age, QAnon and anti-government groups, as well as more mainstream communities, seem to be uniting around the opposition to a coming Covid-19 vaccine.

A breathtaking quote from the article shows just what the establishment thinks of those who question its commandments:

“It’s like an insurgency,” Neil Johnson, “a physicist at George Washington University who studies online extremism,” told NBC News reporter Brandy Zadrozny Nov. 30. “And the hard thing about battling an insurgency is we never quite knew where they were. There was almost like an invisible network behind them. Often, the groups that were most prominent, the ones coming to your attention because they were the biggest, didn’t necessarily mean that they were the important ones in the network.”

An insurgency to be battled. These are the very words of an apparatchik from the medical wing of the coming “expertist” tyranny. Those who disagree with the ruling narrative on vaccines are dangerous bandits. They are partisans hiding out in the mountains who must be annihilated.

The ground has already been laid to apply this demonization to Trump backers under a Biden White House. Denying the “reality” of a Biden victory will be seen as feverish conspiratorial madness on par with the QAnon and anti-vaxxer crazies.

A DNC official in California tweeted out the common progressive/establishment post-Nov. 3 talking point that Trump voters need to be “deprogrammed” like Jim Jones disciples in Guyana:

Define, isolate and destroy. This has been the Left’s playbook since the guillotines were falling like autumn leaves in 1790s France. President Trump uttered the word that needed to be said at his Georgia rally:

“I will tell you this, socialism is just the beginning for these people. These people want to go further than socialism. They want to go into a communistic form of government. I have no doubt about it.”

There is no middle ground. To accept a fraudulent Joe Biden administration is to accept an imposed worldview with all that that implies. It is the forfeiture of freedom.

Joe Schaeffer is the former Managing Editor of The Washington Times National Weekly Edition. His columns appear at and

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