Contrived Covid crisis wanes but tyrants, judicial arrogance continue to ruin American lives

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, March 17, 2022 247 Real News

Americans are still suffering grievous harm from the coronavirus social hysteria even as federal and state and local governments ease up on their coercive decrees.

Citizens continue to lose their jobs, with all the painful consequences that can come with that in today’s economy, for refusing to get vaccinated, and are seeing their religious objections not only rejected, but apparently mocked by bosses and even federal judges.

Fox25-TV in Oklahoma City reported March 14:

A Tinker [Air Force Base] airman is on his way to being discharged after refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

After doing everything he could do, applying for religious exemption and appealing, then asking to simply separate from the military, both were denied.

“I’m already on my way out and it’s heart breaking to end an awesome career that way,” said Cpt. Daniel Knick.

Knick’s wife’s explained in a Facebook post that Tinker is being refused an honorable discharge:

Tomorrow, March 14, he will be receiving a Letter of reprimand from his commander. This will begin another process for him to be dismissed from the Air Force but he is being told it will be a general discharge instead of an honorable. This could take away any benefits or disability that he might have. And certainly does not set him up for success outside of the military...

He swore to defend the constitution and he is doing that the only way he can, he is standing up against this mandate and our government by refusing to get an experimental injection that, might I add, has no long term studies and In the short time it’s been pushed out has proven to have severe side effects and even cause death.

If you are an American and you love your freedom this injustice should bother you greatly. It should bother you that anyone has lost their job over refusing to get this shot. This is a slippery slope America.

Mrs. Knick added an update at the end:

***update*** while he was receiving his [Letter of Reprimand]

Daniel’s commander told him he was basically selfish for not getting the shot and for following his sincere religious convictions. This guy should not be in a position of leadership.

Perhaps it’s less surprising that a vaccine manufacturer would be sticking by a harsh private mandate. But it is telling nonetheless that an apparently substantial number of its employees do not trust the very industry they work in.

WNEP-TV, an ABC affiliate in Scranton, Pa., reported March 16:

Angela Giaquinto has a choice to make.

“Do I take it or do I keep my job? It’s scary. I mean, we have families to provide for.”

She’s one of about 2,500 people employed at Sanofi Pasteur in Swiftwater. It’s an international pharmaceutical company that makes vaccines, and is currently working on a COVID-19 vaccine.

 But a number of employees there are willing to lose their jobs rather than get the shot.

 “I really just feel that people fear this one because of how quickly it was pushed on everybody,” Giaquinto said.

 “I do have vaccinations, from when I was a child. I’m not anti-vax. My children are vaccinated, but you’re talking vaccinations who have been out for many, many years and had a lot of studying and research put down on them before being put out to the public,” she continued.

She is not alone in her concerns:

The company says it does not disclose site-specific vaccination rates, so it’s unclear just how many people could be impacted by the mandate. But Giaquinto and other employees Newswatch 16 spoke to believe it’s in the hundreds.

“I’m really, really hoping that they reconsider things, realizing that there’s a lot of good people that they’re going to lose,” Giaquinto said.

Giaquinto expressed frustration that a multinational Big Pharma firm would cling to a policy that bullies American workers into taking a Big Pharma product against their will:

Some employees hoped with COVID-19 cases going down and restrictions easing, Sanofi would drop the mandate. The deadline is April 15.

“And now that everything has calmed down, they’re trying to enforce it. And the ones that you know, worked throughout this whole thing, now it doesn’t mean anything,” said Giaquinto.

Surprisingly, the company believes standing by a policy that ensures maximum profit for its industry is the “right” thing to do:

A Sanofi spokesperson tells Newswatch 16: “While the trends are encouraging, we have all experienced the up and downs of this pandemic and the rise of variants. Sanofi US continues to believe that vaccination is the right course of action.”

Meanwhile, tyrants still abound on the federal bench. The Cape Cod Times reported March 16:

A federal judge upheld the Steamship Authority’s right to require employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 and chided a group of employees that asked for an injunction for promoting misinformation. 

U.S. District Court Justice Richard Stearns said the 11 plaintiffs in “Captain Albert Brox et. al” versus The Woods Hole, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Steamship Authority failed to prove the mandatory vaccination policy violated their religious or constitutional rights.

 “The public interest in safely accessing ferry services to Nantucket Island and Martha’s Vineyard without the fear of contracting COVID-19 from the Authority’s unvaccinated employees is profound,” Stearns wrote in the opinion filed March 10.

Stearns expressed a marked hostility to religious exemption claims in his ruling:

He also cited a similar case involving Massachusetts General Brigham Hospital and said, “The record suggests that plaintiffs’ opposition to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is based primarily on ‘Philosophical, medical or scientific beliefs, or personal fears or anxieties’ rather than bona fide religious practices.”

The judge took a disingenuous approach to the real-life brutality of the social coercion he is officially sanctioning that is the height of callousness:

“The policy does not invade plaintiffs’ right to refuse medical treatment as nothing in the policy compels employees to submit to a vaccination,” Stearns wrote, saying they can choose to work elsewhere.

“Although several plaintiffs will be terminated … if they continue to defy the policy, four of the 11 plaintiffs are now vaccinated and will not be terminated.”

And so it goes on. The poisonous mindset that allowed millions of Americans to support a ruling establishment tyranny that caused terrible anguish to their fellow citizens continuous to flourish in the highest military circles, corporate executive suites and judiciary positions.

This comes even as the faithful adherents of the COVID paranoia machine fully understand that they can’t even begin to convince anyone outside their suffocating urbanite progressive circle of the necessity of their actions anymore.

From a March 16 piece by Ryan Cooper in the progressive publication The American Prospect, who cites COVID cases in Hong Kong and mainland China:

It’s a reminder that America could totally use another major vaccine push. Liberals in particular need to get their booster shots and vaccinate their children if they haven’t done it yet. And Democrats in Congress need to do whatever it takes to restart the flow of funding for vaccines, tests, and other anti-pandemic measures, which they failed to pass last week in a truly criminal act of negligence.

For the vast majority of Americans who have fully cast aside the Coronavirus Control Regime, that paragraph begs a simple plea:

Do whatever you like in your own little world. But leave us alone.

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