Columnist: Pelosi using Jan. 6 commission for a third info war against Donald Trump

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, July 19, 2021

Is it possible to impeach a president after he leaves office? Or before he might run for a second, non-consecutive term?

Nancy Pelosi is surely pursuing answers to those questions with the partisan commission she has concocted to “investigate” the events of Jan. 6, a columnist noted.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Grover Cleveland, the only president to serve non-consecutive terms, could have been used as a test run for Pelosi, but, although she’s been steeped in the Swamp for many decades, she was not yet House Speaker during Cleveland’s tenure.

Pelosi’s “two sham impeachments and the manufactured Russia-gate scandal have made the Soviet kangaroo courts look amateurish,” Tom Basile, host of Newsmax Television’s “America Right Now”, wrote in a July 16 op-ed for The Washington Times.

“Now, the new January 6th Select Committee is Pelosi’s Impeachment 3.0,” Basile noted.

The Jan. 6 commission includes chief Russia hoax prosecutor Rep. Adam Schiff and impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin.

And, Basile noted, “no one should be shocked that the committee chairman, Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson, said this week that he expects the so-called work will go ‘well into next year.’ ”

Basile continued: “Through the whole charade Speaker Nancy Pelosi, now 81 and at times exhibiting the same Bidenesque symptoms of decline, will watch as the media and Big Tech participate in her scheme as they did during the two impeachment debacles.”

Pelosi’s Jan. 6 committee is not likely to provide any additional information that hasn’t been already reported by previous investigations of the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol.

What the upcoming, highly partisan hearings will do, Basile noted, is “further drill the word ‘insurrection’ into our collective consciousness to blunt GOP momentum in the 2022 midterms.”

It will not matter that no one who has been arrested in connection to the events of Jan. 6 has been charged with “insurrection.” This is another Pelosi-manufactured “must-see cable news marathon,” Basile noted.

“As we saw with Mrs. Pelosi’s two impeachment cases, the facts, the evidence, and the law won’t matter. Only the leftist politics will, and Americans will be left saying, ‘here we go again.’ Impeachment 3.0 will be the last gasp of a long career that has careened toward the kind of abuse of power that saps the confidence of a nation,” Basile concluded.

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