Columnist: Biden screws up even when reading from a script

by WorldTribune Staff, September 4, 2020

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden “may be on-script now” … “but he’s still Joe Biden,” a columnist noted.

Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden. / C-SPAN

“Biden is a man who’s very deliberately on-script. Or, using a word the Democratic candidate himself is fond of using when he shouldn’t, Biden is literally on-script,” C. Douglas Golden wrote for the Western Journal on Sept. 3.

“The problem is that, Biden being Biden, he can still read from the wrong part of the script.”

This actually happened on Wednesday, Golden noted when a clip of an interview Biden gave to Miami’s WTVJ-TV was posted by the station. It dealt with Biden’s “answer to curbing the twin pillars of socialism — Cuba and Venezuela — in Latin America.”

Biden said “Trump’s incoherent approach has alienated international partners, undermined the cause of democracy and his policy has failed to eliminate human suffering for millions of Venezuelans,” offering scant details for how his administration would do things differently.

But, this is what Biden had said prior to his comment: “Look, Venezuela top line messages.”

“Yes, he really said the part of the talking points on the teleprompter that was supposed to denote what he was supposed to say,” Golden noted. “He was quite literally saying the quiet part out loud. To quote Ron Burgundy, another famous (albeit fictional) individual given to reading anything fed to him on a teleprompter: ‘I’m not even mad. That’s amazing.’ ”

Tim Murtaugh, President Trump’s 2020 campaign communications director, noted how bad this looked in a tweet: “My God. Biden read the words “Venezuela Top Line Messages” from his talking points on the teleprompter. In a TV interview, he actually read the title of the talking points out loud. Any questions about why he’s been kept in the basement by his handlers?”

Golden noted that “this kind of thing isn’t new for the Democratic nominee.”

In fact, Golden wrote, “You could make a case that his entire career in gaffery could be summed up with his infamous 2006 comment to an Indian-American supporter: ‘You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.’ ”

During a speech in Iowa last August, Biden said that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kid.”

In May, during a live stream, Biden clearly was lost before telling someone off-screen to “put that back on.”

In August, the Trump War Room noted that Biden “needed a script to understand why his handlers chose Phony Kamala Harris to be his VP.”

Golden noted that “every word from President Trump’s interviews will be pored over as if they were hieroglyphs on ancient papyrus. I also understand many of them are infelicitous. This is an election year and that kind of scrutiny is the role of an active and functioning media.

“However, when Joe Biden can read the title to his talking points off of the teleprompter during a TV interview and it hasn’t gotten a whit of coverage — particularly given Biden’s diminishing returns in the cognitive department are a major issue this campaign — that’s where the dysfunction seeps into the system.”

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