Christian CEO Nick Vujicic creates bank, exposes corporate Marxist tactics

Special to WorldTribune, July 12, 2021

Analysis by R. Clinton Ohlers

Christian motivational speaker Nick Vujicic sounded the alarm on the new corporate practice known as Environmental, Social and Governance considerations (ESG) after his bank account was frozen and he was removed as a customer over his religious and political views. In response, he is starting his own bank.

Vujicic, who was born without arms or legs due to tetra-amelia syndrome, is the founder, president, and CEO of the Ministry of Life Without Limbs. During the past 15 years, he has preached the message of hope in Christ in 74 countries, on 3,500 stages, to 9.5 million people, 21 presidents and 10 governments.

Nick Vujicic

“I got kicked out of a bank, with no warning, it froze my credit cards, froze my debit cards… they did a review of me as a client and they don’t want anything to do with me,” Vujicic told host Joshua Philipp on The Epoch Times’ EpochTV program “Crossroads.”

Vujicic is now taking a stand with conservatives uniting against the George Soros and Klaus Schwab-backed political left. Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, pioneered the concept of the Great Reset as a means to transform the world economy from “shareholder capitalism” to “stakeholder capitalism” defined in terms of progressive-left causes.

“Do you know what they call it? ESG. Environmental, Social, and Government impact. In other words, you are either on their side, or they give you a category one out of 10 number of did I really go along with their non-profit causes like everyone else did,” Vujicic said.

“Companies with better ESG profiles can benefit from preferential and lower cost of debt offered by financial services firms,” among numerous other benefits, according to ESG advocates, The Epoch Times reported.

Vujicic became inspired to speak out in support of his pro-life convictions after being challenged by a member of his company’s board. After praying with his wife, he decided to become more vocal in the pro-life movement. Even before speaking out, he experienced a fallacious magazine hit piece, a spying drone, a grenade thrown into his house and his removal from his bank.

During that time Vujicic, who has a substantial financial background, was also approached to begin a pro-life bank.

Abortion and banking might seem a world apart. The problem with banks, Vujicic says, is that the two are not separate. “Most banks give philanthropically under social responsibility to give to causes that provide the biggest abortion clinics in America,” with significant capital, he says.

Vujicic said that his new bank, ProLife Bank, will be a religious for-profit corporation that will not fund abortion but will instead fund religious philanthropies.

“We want to tell everyone… there’s a choice coming for you,” Vujicic said. “And not only will this be a for-profit bank, we are actually known as a for-giving bank. We will not fund abortion, but we’ll actually fund 50 percent net profits to Judeo-Christian-aligned nonprofit organizations that are Biblically-aligned in doing the will of God according to our belief systems.”

Vujicic, the son of Hungarian refugees from the Soviet takeover, is no stranger to anti-Christian Marxist totalitarianism.

“My grandfathers were in jail. They were pacifists. They were tortured. My mom was six when the government came and said ‘your farm, your animals, your house, not yours anymore.’ They killed all their animals. They ransacked their home, and kicked them out of their own home,” he said. “My parents were refugees, fleeing communism. We’ve seen the writing on the wall. We know the writing on the wall…. I think it’s our wake-up call.”

The ESG movement, with its anti-religious goals, harkens from the ideals of Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci. Gramsci wrote that in order to subvert Western society from within, socialists needed to fight a “war of position,” a concept that later came to be called “the long march through the institutions,” Phillips reports.

Gramsci recognized that it was difficult to incite a revolution to overthrow a legitimate government when people are guided by religious faith. The revolution of the proletariat must begin, therefore, with the subversion of religion, morality and the existing civilization.

“Gramsci’s long march through the institutions seems to have reached the corporate HR departments who are the source of much of this uneconomic, anti-capitalist behavior,” Hunter Hastings and Peter G. Klein, researchers for the Mises Institute, observed.

Cancel-culture crony capitalism is now a Gramscian Marxist phenomenon.

Vujicic, however, holds a similarly cohesively, tenaciously integrated, and arguably more powerful Christian worldview. For Vujicic it isn’t just about abortion. Rather, humanitarian issues are interconnected with each other and interwoven with policy:

Here’s the pivoting point to taking back America. We didn’t want to talk about the Wall, because it’s political. The Wall is not a political issue. I went to the Wall. Twenty-eight thousand unaccompanied minors in 17 weeks crossing the border, while a portion of them says “goodbye” to their mother who got them there from 141 different countries, who then is forced into prostitution to pay off their $14,000 (USD) fees to get that child over, is now a human-trafficked mother in Mexico.

That is not political. It is humanitarian. Border Patrol police at record highs committing suicide.

Where is the Church? We can’t be silent any longer. It’s a humanitarian disaster. It’s not a Trump thing. It’s a national security thing. Period. We are the only country with such a problem right now. The Church also needs to take back the mountain of influence in the political realm.

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