China’s Biden-era message: We’re number one, so everybody just shut up

FPI / April 7, 2021

By Richard Fisher

“Despite U.S. instigation, China has an edge in leading global affairs,” blared the Global Times headline on April 4.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is on a roll. It has gathered its hubris from the March 18 confrontation between U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, where top Chinese Diplomat and CCP Politburo Member Yang Jiechi lectured that the United States is “not qualified to speak to China from a position of strength.”

Yang Jiechi

But what does this mean? Also, on April 4, Global Times provided some hints, when it quoted Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations of the China Foreign Affairs University.

Li stated that “China is getting more courageous and resolute and is dealing with global affairs with Chinese wisdom and strategies.”

Then Global Times provided the kicker: “A new mode of interactions between the two powers is taking shape, where China is trying to communicate with the U.S. with confidence, on an equal footing and on the basis of the new balance of power. The world is witnessing the new change in global order where the East is rising while the West is declining.”

Herein is the lesson: As the CCP has been stressing in its voluminous propaganda for years, the United States and its “democracy” are declining forces in the world. The CCP dictatorship is now a viable alternative model that can work for all countries if they just let the CCP help restructure their affairs.

But to get to this realization, the CCP demands that you simply ignore or forget the discordant facts and information that might cause you to question the CCP’s right to be your hegemon.

First you must forget that China’s Wuhan Coronavirus will soon kill three million people around the world.

Second, you must forget any notion that the CCP shares any blame for this virus that started in Wuhan, China, and that the CCP owes you and your family restitution or even a mere apology.

Third, you must ignore that China has spent the last year murdering democracy in Hong Kong and denying that it is guilty of genocide against the Islamic Uighur people in its Xinjiang Region.

Fourth, you must ignore that the CCP is preparing to invade and murder the democracy in Taiwan. It is far better, according to the CCP, that the people of Taiwan be the slaves of the CCP and that their country become a vast military base to help enforce the CCP’s global hegemony.

Fifth, you must forget that the CCP has already killed 40 to 90 million Chinese in the course of Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward” and the ensuring famine, a war to conquer Korea and myriad mindless purges.

And sixth, never mind that the CCP wants to be your global hegemon, making the economic, political and military decisions critical to your life. After all, since the 1950s the CCP has been telling the world that it does not want to be the world’s hegemon. But what the CCP wants you to understand is that you must just shut up and accept that the CCP is your new hegemon.

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