China praises Obama as ‘most pacifist’ U.S. president, hails ‘failure’ of Asia Pivot

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China’s state media has not obsessed about President Barack Obama’s “legacy” to the degree America’s 44th president has.

“China genuinely appreciates President Barack Obama’s wimpiness.” / AFP / Getty Images

It has not however missed the opportunity to celebrate the “failure” of his celebrated “Asia Pivot” strategy while finding other positive things to say about the exiting leader.

However, unlike Mr. Obama himself who gave a self-congratulatory speech in Chicago on Jan. 10 articulating the legacy of his 8-year presidency, China’s state media was less kind.

“What Obama views as his ‘political legacy’ such as the Obamacare are mostly facing repeal by the incoming Trump presidency,” the Communist Party’s official Global Times newspaper said in a Jan. 11 editorial.

“By our Chinese customary protocols, we usually say something nice to someone who is leaving office. Actually, we can say a few good things about Mr. Obama.”

“Unlike George W. Bush, Mr. Obama is quite circumspect when it comes to using force in international arena…” The Global Times said, “In fact, he is the most pacifist U.S. president in recent memory.”

“Mr. Obama’s Asia Rebalancing strategy has been widely viewed as a failure,” the Global Times gloated.

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