China lights global fires for which America is unprepared

FPI / October 18, 2023


By Richard Fisher

China does not yet have three aircraft carriers but with its massive military-industrial complex and informal alliances with Russia, North Korea and Iran, it is already starting to exercise its ability to foment wars and instability around the globe at a level for which the United States is not prepared to deter or defend.

On Oct. 13 the Biden White House released this graphic to illustrate how North Korea is now shipping weapons to Russia to aid its war against Ukraine — part of a growing nexus of coordination between the China-Russia-North Korea-Iran Axis. / White House

From Northeast Asia to the Taiwan Strait to the South China Sea, the Persian Gulf, Ukraine, the Baltics, the Falklands Islands and now the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights of Israel, the dictatorship axis of China, Russia, Iran and North Korea is beginning a swirl of armed aggressions with mutual assistance.

The Oct. 7 bloodthirsty and barbaric surprise attacks against Israel by Hamas was nearly fully-funded (93%) and coordinated by Iran, and the Iranian proxies of Hizbullah in Southern Lebanon and the Houthi rebellion in Yemen as well as Iran itself are now threatening to enter this war against Israel.

But Iran and Iran’s proxies would not be making war without the protection, commerce and military technology afforded to Iran by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

China’s increasingly strident criticism of Israel’s self-defense and its promotion of an independent Palestinian State marks Beijing’s emergence as an undeclared enemy of the Jewish State, which is consistent with CCP hostility toward all democracies.

Should a wider war in defense of Israel engulf the United States and its European Allies, the CCP could use the opportunity of U.S. strategic diversion to launch its much-prepared final solution war against the democracy on Taiwan.

The CCP’s People’s Liberation Army is capable of launching multiple waves of 100,000 troops by amphibious and airborne transport against the island and building up from 400 to 3,000 nuclear warheads in a bid to coerce the U.S. and Japan from coming to Taiwan’s rescue.

But Chinese nuclear blackmail will be compounded with coordinated China-Russia nuclear threats, which could see both being able to threaten the United State with 3,000 nuclear warheads by 2030.

China expects Russia to contribute forces to its war against Taiwan and the United States because China’s commerce keeps alive Vladimir Putin’s isolated economy and his ruinous and brutal war against Ukraine, which is also assisted by access to Chinese dual use technologies like drones.

But China is also helping Russia though its proxy North Korea: on Oct. 13 White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby briefed reporters on North Korea having shipped 1,000 containers of weapons to Russia, over sea and rail routes.

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