Cashing in on Covid: Millions of Americans refuse to work

by WorldTribune Staff, April 14, 2021

The sign in a McDonald’s restaurant says a lot about the year 2021: “We are short-staffed. Please be patient with the staff that did not show up. No one wants to work anymore.”

Millions of Americans “who should be working” are instead gobbling up stimulus checks and emergency unemployment benefits while they “sit at home and do nothing but play video games,” a blogger noted.

“In 15 months we have gone from the greatest economy in American history to this Zoom world where no one seems to wear pants anymore,” Don Surber noted in an April 14 blog post.

NBC reported on Chicago schools re-opening: “The union said 13,681 members voted to approve the agreement and 6,585 voted against it. In a statement, the union described the agreement as the ‘absolute limit to which CPS [Chicago Public Schools] was willing to go at the bargaining table to guarantee a minimum number of guardrails for any semblance of safety in schools.’ ”

Surber noted: “At least one-third of Chicago teachers do not wish to work. Covid-19 is a good excuse. Once upon a time, students played hooky. Now teachers do.”

In another story, NBC reported, “The number of job vacancies soared to nearly 15 million by mid-March, but discouraged, hesitant and fearful job seekers means many positions are still unfilled, according to new data from online job site ZipRecruiter.”

“Online job postings plunged from 10 million before the start of the pandemic last year to just below 6 million last May, as lockdowns and shutdown orders forced businesses to close their doors and reduce or lay off workers,” the NBC report said. “Now, as vaccinations increase and companies are again able to make projections, they’re staffing up to capture booming demand, with the number of open positions across all online listings soaring 5 million above the pandemic’s start.”

Surber concluded: “Discouraged workers?

“They just want to play video games all morning, and then go to McDonald’s and complain about slow service because the joint is understaffed.”

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