Canadian teacher, NYC homeless man learn you can’t mess with, or on, the rainbow flag

by WorldTribune Staff, May 12, 2023

The leftist woke mob has made it clear — don’t mess with, or on, the rainbow flag.

In Canada, a teacher who removed a pride flag from her kindergarten classroom was placed on leave.

In New York City, a homeless man who defecated on and then wiped himself with rainbow flags was arrested and charged with a hate crime.

The kindergarten teacher in Renfrew, Ontario, Nicole Alexander, is the mother of 11th grade student Josh Alexander, who has received international attention for an ongoing battle with his Catholic school board over his belief that God made only two genders.

Both of Josh Alexander’s parents, Nicole and Matt Alexander, are teachers in a separate school board and both have recently been put on leave and are under investigation, The Epoch Times reported.

Nicole Alexander received notice on May 8 that she was to be put on leave and that she is under investigation. The reason she was given, Alexander said, is that she had removed a pride flag someone else had put on the door of her kindergarten classroom.

“Somebody reported her and went to the superintendent who told her that in order to protect the students, they’d have to put her on leave and place her under investigation,” Josh Alexander said.

Matt Alexander, a 7th/8th grade teacher, had received notice about two weeks prior to his wife. “They haven’t really given a reason for my dad’s investigation,” Josh Alexander said. “There’s been no actual scenario that would have called for investigation.”

Josh Alexander was first suspended by St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in November when he organized a protest against transgender students using the girls’ washroom, The Epoch Times reported. When the suspension ended, he was still banned from school grounds for the rest of the year for saying he would continue to express his belief. The school board has said his actions amount to “bullying” transgender students.

“From the beginning, I understood the consequences my actions may have and I was willing to take that stand and face the consequences,” Alexander told The Epoch Times. “But I must admit, I’m pretty disappointed to see that since they haven’t been able to get to me, they’re now attacking my family.”

Meanwhile, in New York City, a homeless man named Fred Innocent is facing hate crime charges after an incident at a restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. On the morning of April 15, the man entered the establishment and grabbed two rainbow flags from a table and proceeded to defecate on one of them and used the other flag to clean himself. The NYPD arrested the man and charged him with a hate crime.

“This was a total hate crime,” restaurant owner Courtney Barroll said after hearing of the arrest, the New York Daily News reported. “He came in within 15 minutes of us opening up the restaurant. He could have gone to Popeyes or McDonald’s around the corner. He could have used napkins.”

Barroll said that she felt Innocent zeroed in on the flags because of intolerance. “We support everyone no matter what kind of background, race or lifestyle,” Barroll told the Daily News.

Revolver news noted of Innocent’s predicament: “Detectives worked ‘tirelessly’ to apprehend the deadly and dangerous ‘pooping bandit,’ while the rest of New York is being ravaged by muggers, rapists, and murderers. It’s hilarious and very ironic how much agency liberals will attribute to a presumably schizophrenic homeless black man when he offends the pieties of the woke Left. Do the police have any evidence he did this to troll gays? Maybe he just really needed to wipe his ass?”

It’s also “hilarious,” Revolver added, “and very ironic how quickly mercy goes out the window for the liberal store-owner. Masturbate in front of children and spit on an elderly woman? All is forgiven. Offend the Alphabet Community? Straight to Auschwitz for you!”

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