Border security ‘horrific’: Veteran vows to oust Nevada Democrat on ‘America First’ tenets

by WorldTribune Staff, August 1, 2021

Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, which has been reliably Democrat in the recent election cycles, is “going to be a red one in 2022,” GOP candidate Sam Peters believes.

Sam Peters

Peters told The Washington Times that he wants to restore an “America First” approach to foreign and domestic policy which the Biden administration is undoing.

“[Democrats] are tone-deaf to liberty and the ability that we have to go out and decide for ourselves how we want to live our lives,” Peters said.

Had he been in Congress in 2020, Peters said he would have joined 147 Senate and House Republicans who voted not to certify the 2020 presidential results.

Peters, an Air Force veteran, hopes to unseat Democrat incumbent Rep. Steven Horsford. The 4th District was created in the 2010 redistricting process and much of its constituency resides in Clark County, which houses Las Vegas.

Nevada residents are highly concerned about the surge of migrants pouring into the U.S. amid Team Biden’s open borders policy, Peters told The Washington Times.

“Border security is huge,” Peters said. “We’ve seen what the Biden administration has done in the last six months, and it’s just horrific.”

Peters said he is also an advocate for a national voter ID mandate and more transparency in the election process.

“The states need to come together and figure out how they’re going to run elections in a transparent way,” he said.

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