Black parent slams Critical Race Theory at Virginia school board meeting

by WorldTribune Staff, May 14, 2021

A Loudoun County Schools parent absolutely destroyed Critical Race Theory education plans in the Virginia school district and asked the school board to ban what she called a curriculum that is “racist and abusive.”

In what many on social media noted was a masterful takedown of Critical Race Theory, the black parent said CRT “is not a ‘nice dialogue,’ it was a tactic that was used by Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan on slaveries many years ago to dumb down my ancestors so we could not think for ourselves.”

A parent blasted the Loudoun County School Board’s seeming intent to implement the teaching of Critical Race Theory. / Video Image

The parent called on the school board to “think twice before you indoctrinate such racist theories. You cannot tell me what is or is not racist. Look at me. I had to come down here today to tell you to your face that we are coming together and we are strong.”

The parent continued: “Let me educate you: An honest dialogue does not oppress. An honest dialogue does not implement hatred and injustice; it’s to communicate without deceiving people. Today we don’t need your agreement. We want action and a backbone for what we ask for today: to ban CRT.”

In March, a private Facebook group made up of Virginia parents, teachers and school board members was reportedly targeting parents opposed to Critical Race Theory — sparking an investigation by local law enforcement.

The group, which is called “anti-racist parents of Loudoun County,” consists of over 600 members, some of whom are accused of sharing personal information of parents who don’t support the controversial theory, WTOP News reported.

Ian Prior, a spokesperson for a group of parents who say they are being victimized, the Loudoun Parents for Education, told the publication in a statement that “there was a solicitation by one of the members of [the Facebook group] to target people that had opposed the school’s commitment to critical race theory concepts.”

The first national poll, conducted by Parents Defending Education, found overwhelming opposition to Critical Race Theory and strong support for a de-politicized curriculum.

The poll of more than 800 active voters, conducted April 9-19, found:

• 70 percent of respondents said it is not important or not at all important for schools to “teach students that their race is the most important thing about them” versus 25 percent who said this is somewhat or very important.

• 74 said they opposed teaching students that white people are inherently privileged and black and other people of color are inherently oppressed. Only 6 percent of respondents favored schools assigning white students the status of “privileged” and non-white students the status of “oppressed” – versus 88 percent opposed, including 78 percent strongly opposed.

• 69 percent opposed schools teaching that America was founded on racism and is structurally racist.

• 75 percent oppose teaching there is no such thing as biological sex, and that people should choose whatever gender they prefer for themselves. Only 18 percent supported teaching such concepts.

• 80 percent oppose the use of classrooms to promote political activism to students, including 64 percent who strongly oppose. When asked whether teachers should present students with multiple perspectives on contentious political and social issues, 87 percent agreed, compared to 6 percent who believe teachers should present one perspective that the school believes is correct.

• When asked whether their local K-12 school has increased or decreased its emphasis on issues of race, gender, and activism in the last two years, 52 percent said it had increased a lot or a little. Only 2 percent said it had decreased. Similarly, 57 percent said their local schools had become more political, with only 4 percent saying less political.

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