‘Black conservatism is the new punk rock!’: Supporters defend Trump against leftists crying ‘racist’

by WorldTribune Staff, September 3, 2020

A group of black conservatives is seen on a viral video defending President Donald Trump against leftists who claim the president is “racist.”

In a viral video, supporters of President Donald Trump defend him against leftists’ charges of racism. / YouTube

The video, which emerged from a recent Trump rally in California, shows one black Trump supporter who identifies as MAGA Hulk saying those who call Trump a racist “have no facts on their side.”

At one point, video caught him arguing with a leftist who accused Trump of racism, and MAGA Hulk pushed back when the man failed to offer specifics:

“Nothing! You got nothing! You keep saying, ‘Oh, I heard him say this, oh, I heard him say that,’ but you have no facts, though!”

“They can’t answer the question because they have no facts on their side. They have no facts. They don’t do any research. They don’t … do any type of higher learning when it comes to what they believe. All they know is what the media narrative tells them to believe, and that’s all they parrot,” MAGA Hulk noted.

Another black Trump supporter who identified as Lucas The Abstract said that “I personally believe the [Black Lives Matter] movement is fake. It has nothing to do with advancing the lives of black people.”

“Don’t tell me I’m oppressed, because I’m not oppressed,” Lucas The Abstract said. “I’m a black American. I’m a proud black American. I’m not oppressed … I’m one of the freest persons in this world.”

“As you can see, black conservatism is the new punk rock!” another man in the group declared.

“We’re the rebels!” MAGA Hulk said. “Wanna be cool? Come join our cause, baby!”

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