Biden says you must mask up — for the next year

  1. by WorldTribune Staff, February 12, 2021

Americans who are not obsessed with controlling other Americans are hoping they can discard the face masks soon.

Joe Biden says not so fast. You should be masking up “at least” for the next year. The virus could be an afterthought, but you must wear that mask. Or even two of them at the same time.

During a Feb. 11 visit to the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Maryland, Biden toured the NIH’s viral pathologies division, which is responsible for identifying future pandemics, and flanked on stage by Dr. Anthony Fauci and NIH Director Francis Collins, addressed the institute’s staff.

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“I had a little discussion with my friends behind me, Dr. Collins and Dr. Fauci, about whether or not I should take my mask off,” Biden told the audience. “And the truth is even though we are more than 10 feet away, I think it’s important that I not.

“It’s critically important as a message, [and] I realize that I’m speaking to a vast majority … of folks out here at NIH [who] know that wearing this mask over the next year here can save lives, a significant number of lives.”

Actually, the “scientists” Biden so often says he is following want you to wear two masks.

On Wednesday, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) put out a preview of a soon-to-be-published report on how to best maximize masks to prevent transmission of the coronavirus. One of the solutions, the study suggested, was that Americans “double mask.”

The CDC listed ways individuals can improve their own masks and suggested adding “layers of material.”

“Use a cloth mask that has multiple layers of fabric,” the CDC said.

“Wear one disposable mask underneath a cloth mask,” the CDC stated, effectively advocating the practice of double masking. “The second mask should push the edges of the inner mask against your face.”

The recommendation coincides with remarks from Fauci, who appeared to condone the practice, stating that it was “common sense” that two masks would likely be more effective than one. Fauci later backtracked, explaining that there was no data indicating that double masking “is going to make a difference,” he later revealed that he “often” wears two masks himself.

So, there you have it. Double mask up for at least the next year.

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