Biden, age 77, appoints to his covid task force a guy who said people are useless beyond age 75

by WorldTribune Staff, November 10, 2020

This is who Joe Biden entrusts with protecting the nation’s elderly from coronavirus.

The 77-year-old Biden on Monday named Ezekiel Emanuel as one of 10 members on Biden’s coronavirus task force. Emanuel believes that society would be “better off” if people did not live beyond age 75.

Emanuel also said the elderly should not receive treatments such as the flu vaccine.

Ezekiel Emanuel / C-SPAN

“Basically, he sees the elderly as a drain on our health care system and doesn’t believe life is worth living after age 75, which is an interesting belief for a guy advising a 77-year-old presidential candidate about a virus that hits the elderly much, much harder than any other age group,” John Nolte wrote for Breitbart on Monday.

in a 2014 Atlantic essay titled “Why I Hope to Die at 75”, Emanuel argued that society would be “better off” if nature took “its course swiftly and promptly.”

Emanuel insisted that, beyond the age of 75, he personally would begin rejecting routine medical treatments such as flu shots.

“Flu shots are out,” he wrote. “Certainly if there were to be a flu pandemic, a younger person who has yet to live a complete life ought to get the vaccine or any antiviral drugs.”

Emanuel said his view on the uselessness of the elderly was influenced by his father having a heart attack at age 76.

“Today he can swim, read the newspaper, needle his kids on the phone, and still live with my mother in their own house. But everything seems sluggish. Although he didn’t die from the heart attack, no one would say he is living a vibrant life,” Emanuel wrote.

Emanuel is also a coronavirus conspiracy theorist.

In a March interview on MSNBC, Emanuel said that by the end of April America would be hit with 100 million coronavirus cases. Emanuel provided no medical or scientific evidence to back up his claim.

“Right now, if you look at the numbers, we probably have a million COVID-19 cases in the country. And if this is doubling every three to four days, that means that we’ll have 100 million people who have COVID-19 in about four weeks, and that’s a frightening thought,” Emanuel said.

It is now eight months after Emanuel’s claim and there are 10.4 million reported coronavirus cases in the U.S. Worldwide, there are 51.4 million reported cases.

Sen. Tom Cotton, Arkansas Republican, tweeted on Monday: “A member of Biden’s new coronavirus task force is a lockdown enthusiast who has written that living past 75 isn’t worth it. Americans want our country opened up, not creepy bioethicists who enjoy playing God.”

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