Benghazi hero suspended by Twitter after tweet criticizing Obama

by WorldTribune Staff, September 10, 2018

Barack Obama re-entered the political arena in a Sept. 7 speech in Illinois where the former president bashed his successor, attempted to take credit for President Donald Trump’s economy, and slammed Benghazi “conspiracy theories.”

Kris Paronto

“The politics of division and paranoia has found a home, unfortunately, in the Republican party. … they’ve embraced wild conspiracy theories by those surrounding Benghazi. Or my birth certificate,” Obama said.

Kris Paronto, a former Army Ranger who was a CIA security contractor and part of the security team during the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, responded to the former president on Sept. 8, tweeting:

“Benghazi is a conspiracy @BarackObama ?! How bout we do this, let’s put your cowardly ass on the top of a roof with 6 of your buddies&shoot rpg’s&Ak47’s at you while terrorists lob 81mm mortars killing 2 of your buddies all while waiting for US support that you never sent”

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Paronto, who had also mocked liberals and called one of them “retarded” in a tweet thread regarding the killing of Osama bin Laden, was briefly suspended from Twitter.

Paronto had responded to a tweet posted by Robert O’Neill, the former Navy SEAL who fired the head shots that killed bin Laden. O’Neill had tweeted a response to a quote from Obama’s Sept. 7 speech in Champaign, Illinois. Speaking about Trump, Obama said: “How hard can that be, saying that Nazis are bad?” O’Neill tweeted: “Nazis are bad. Now try saying ‘Radical Islam…’ ”

A Twitter user under the name of the “Secret Society Alumnus” replied in the comments, saying that Obama had: “kinda killed Osama Bin Laden, so….” O’Neill fired back at the user and said: “Do you know who you’re talking to?”

Paronto then mocked a leftist hate group account after an individual running it commented on the thread. “OMG ??!! Did you just tell the guy who Shot Bin Laden that @BarackObama did it?? BWAHAHAHA. Thank you for verifying that BHusseinObama worship and TDS causes liberalists to skip retard and go straight to potato. #YouAreAnIdiot #NeverGoFullRetard”

Twitter then suspended Paronto’s account. It was back up by Sept. 9 when he tweeted again: “After being in the @Twitter penalty box for a few and having to delete the below tweet for offending the leftist hate group @itmustend_ for their epic fail of telling Rob O’Neill that BHusseinObama killed UBL and not him I’m back up.. sooo Twitter doesn’t censor ehh @jack?”

Paronto also took to Instagram to write beneath a selfie: “The look you make when you’re tired, sitting at the airport waiting for a flight and you see your @twitter account has been suspended for calling out a liberal hate group and their dumba** comments. Yes boys and girls… and leftists, we have the right to free speech but only if it fits the leftists narrative, doesn’t show their stupidity and ignorance and most importantly doesn’t hurt their fragile little egos.”

One Twitter user summed up Paronto’s suspension in a tweet:

“Active Twitter accounts: – Farrakhan – Hamas – Ahmadinejad. Suspended Twitter account: – Benghazi hero Kris ‘Tanto’ Paronto”

Last month, Paronto told his Twitter followers that former CIA director John Brennan revoked his security clearance for “trying to tell Americans the truth about what happened in Benghazi.”

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