Barr authorizes investigation into increasing allegations of voting irregularities

by WorldTribune Staff, November 10, 2020

Attorney General William Barr on Monday authorized federal prosecutors to investigate “substantial allegations” of voting irregularities before the 2020 presidential election is certified.

In a memo to U.S. attorneys, Barr wrote that investigations “may be conducted if there are clear and apparently-credible allegations of irregularities that, if true, could potentially impact the outcome of a federal election in an individual State.”

Attorney General William Barr / C-SPAN

Barr said in his memo that, although the states have the primary responsibility to conduct and supervise elections, the DOJ has “an obligation to ensure that federal elections are conducted in such a way that the American people can have full confidence in their electoral process and their government.”

Some states are still counting votes and the Trump campaign has filed numerous legal challenges in several states.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed Democrats and the major media for complaining that President Donald Trump has not conceded the 2020 election.

“More broadly, let’s have no lectures about how the President should immediately, cheerfully accept preliminary election results from the same characters who just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election,” McConnell said during a speech from the Senate floor on Monday. “And who insinuated this one would be illegitimate, too, if they lost again. Let’s have no lectures on this subject from that contingent.”

“In late August, Secretary Hillary Clinton said, quote, ‘Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances… I think this is going to drag out, and… he will win if we don’t give an inch,’ ” McConnell continued. “That same month, Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Leader both stated, quote, ‘[President Trump] needs to cheat to win.’ In October, when Speaker Pelosi was shopping some conspiracy theory about the Postal Service, she recklessly said, quote, ‘I have no doubt that the president… will lie, cheat, and steal, to win this election.’ ”

“Does this sound like a chorus that has any credibility to say a few legal challenges from President Trump represent some kind of crisis?” he added. “At this time last week, small-business owners in cities across America were boarding up their windows in case President Trump appeared to win and far-left mobs decided to reprise their summertime rioting. Suffice to say a few legal inquiries from the President do not exactly spell the end of the Republic.”

Other developments on the election fraud front:


Rep. Doug Collins, the Georgia Republican who is leading the Trump campaign’s recount team, is demanding the state’s secretary of state announce a recount.

“First, there must be a full comparison of absentee ballots cast and in-person and provisional ballots cast throughout the state. Second, there must be a check for felons and other ineligible persons who may have cast a ballot,” Collins said. “Third, and most importantly, the Secretary of State should announce a full hand-count of every ballot cast in each and every county due to widespread allegations of voter irregularities, issues with voting machines, and poll watcher access.”

As of Tuesday morning, Biden’s lead in Georgia stood at fewer than 12,300.

Breitbart News reported on Monday that most of Biden’s 221,751 vote margin gain in Georgia, compared to Hillary Clinton’s performance in 2016, came from three metropolitan Atlanta counties that received more than $15 million from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) “safe elections” project.

Those three counties — Cobb, Fulton, and Gwinnett–accounted for 168,703 of Biden’s 221,751 vote margin gain, or 76 percent, the report said.


Gateway Pundit reported on Monday that it had received information that identified approximately 10,000 votes that were moved from Trump to Biden in Rock County.

In the county, “at 10:59 the votes came in and the race was close with both candidates at around 29,000 ballots. Then, by 11:12, Trump had taken a nearly 1,000 vote lead on Biden with 31,000 votes to Biden’s 30,000. At 11:21 these results had not changed much. Then at 11:43 more votes came in and they showed Trump had taken a commanding lead at 46,649 to Biden’s 37,133. This was a 9,516 vote lead for Trump.

“But then suddenly at 11:57 these votes had swapped. Biden was reported with 46,649 and Trump was reduced to Biden’s former total of 37,133. These votes had swapped from the Trump to Biden – again a swap from a Republican to a Democrat. The net impact was 19,032 votes.”

The report noted that, if this adjustment is confirmed for Rock County, Biden’s lead in the state would be at just over 1,500 votes.

“This of course is before any of the hundreds of thousands of questionable votes showing up for Biden in Milwaukee early in the morning after the election are validated,” the report noted.

A report by the Washington Examiner noted that Republicans in Wisconsin were looking into reports of edited absentee ballot envelopes.


More than 10,000 people confirmed or suspected dead returned mail-in ballots to vote in Michigan, according to an analysis of the state’s election data.

About 9,500 voters confirmed dead through the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) are marked in the state’s mail voting database as having returned ballots. Another nearly 2,000 are 100 years old or more and aren’t listed as known living centenarians.

The analysis was provided by Richard Baris, director of Big Data Poll, The Epoch Times reported on Tuesday.

The data indicates that somebody else was trying to vote on behalf of these people.

“It’s also entirely possible that some of them aren’t even real people,” Baris told The Epoch Times. “If someone is 110 or some ridiculous age, we should have their death record but do not.”


Sen. Lindsey Graham, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, told Fox News on Monday that he was made aware of possible ballot-harvesting in Pennsylvania nursing homes.

“I’ve got more information. We’re now finding potentially that 25,000 nursing home residents in different nursing homes requested mail-in ballots at the exact same time,” Graham said. “You can’t ballot harvest in Pennsylvania. What are the odds that 25,000 people in different locations of the same age group requested at the same time a ballot? Somebody is up to no good in these nursing homes.”

A report from the Philadelphia Inquirer noted that there are roughly 700 nursing facilities as well as 1,200 care homes in the state. Ballot-collection efforts are illegal in the state, according to state law.

A poll watcher told Just the News that the ability of overseers to supervise ballot-counting in Pittsburgh on Election Day was hamstrung by a setup in which observers were set too far away from ballots to make any meaningful observation of the process.

David Shestokas, a Chicago-based lawyer who joined several dozen other lawyers and Allegheny County residents to poll-watch in Pittsburgh on Nov. 3, said that ballot monitors “had no input and no ability to watch anything.”

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe was censored by Twitter shortly after releasing a video of a whistleblower attesting to voter irregularities in Pennsylvania. The video can still be accessed on Facebook at the present time.

Bucks County Board of Elections Director Tom Freitag confirmed to Project Veritas that spoiled ballots were illegally handled and destroyed. “The poll worker should not have thrown it in the garbage,” he said.


A poll worker with the Clark County Elections Department has signed an affidavit alleging election fraud.

“We were told by (my team leader), and two other assistants to advise people who wanted to register to vote and did not have the proper Nevada ID/Driver’s License, that they could go out in the parking lot and make an appointment with the DMV to get a Nevada ID/Driver’s License, and then bring in proof of their appointment confirmation (either a paper copy or show it on their phone to us) and then they could be registered,” the whistleblower said, according to a report by Big League Politics.

“They were then permitted to vote with a provisional ballot, even though their appointments were not until January of 2021. We were told this was being allowed all over the Valley, at all polling places.”


As the votes continue to be counted and Trump continues to pull closer, journalist Sharyl Attkisson slammed Fox News for disgracefully calling the state for Biden on election night.

Attkisson tweeted on Monday: “When Fox called Arizona, its decision desk said Trump could not eliminate the 7 point lead Biden had. Biden’s lead is now down to .5 (one-half of a point) with 1000s more ballots to count. Fox may luck out and be right, but the race was, in fact, too close to call.”

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday said that he believes President Trump will emerge as the winner of last week’s election, despite the major media’s anointing of Joe Biden as president-elect.

“There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration,” Pompeo said when asked during a press conference at State Department headquarters whether the department is preparing to engage with the Biden transition team.

“We must count every legal vote. We must make sure that any vote that wasn’t lawful ought not be counted,” the secretary of state said. “When we get it right, we’ll get it right. We’re in good shape.”

Pompeo blasted a media personality who asked whether Trump’s unwillingness to concede has discredited the State Department.

“That’s ridiculous, and you know it’s ridiculous, and you asked it because it’s ridiculous,” Pompeo said. “You asked a question that is ridiculous. This department cares deeply to make sure that elections around the world are safe and secure and free and fair, and my officers risk their lives to ensure that that happens. They work diligently on that.”

“We often encounter situations where it’s not clear about a particular election. We work to uncover facts. We work to do discovery to learn whether in fact the outcome, the decision that was made reflected the will of the people … to make sure those elections are free and fair,” he added. “We want every one of those votes to be counted in the same way that we have every expectation that every vote here in the United States will be counted, too. It is totally appropriate. The United States has an election system that is laid out deeply in our Constitution, and we’re going to make sure that we get that right.”

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