Bail fund promoted by Kamala Harris continues to bail out alleged murderers, sex offenders

by WorldTribune Staff, November 3, 2020

The Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), which Kamala Harris advocated for, has bailed out several people accused of a slew of heinous crimes.

Harris, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate, encouraged her supporters to donate to the MFF in June. The fundraising link she posted to Twitter was still accepting donations as of Monday, The Daily Caller reported.

Kamala Harris urged her supporters to ‘chip in’ to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. / C-SPAN

Harris tweeted: “If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.”

The nonprofit bail fund received $35 million in donations in the wake of George Floyd’s death, well above the roughly $100,000 in annual donations the group recorded in previous years, a local Fox affiliate reported.

Several Hollywood celebrities promoted the bail fund, including Steve Carell, Cynthia Nixon, and Seth Rogen, who started a chain of large donations to the group.

The bail fund paid $75,000 in cash to bail out a man charged with attempted murder, who is accused of shooting at police during the May riots. A modified firearm that resembled an AK-47 was recovered by police in that case.

The MFF also paid $100,000 for the release of a woman charged with second degree murder for allegedly stabbing and killing her friend.

The group also paid $350,000 to bail out a twice convicted rapist, who is charged in two current cases with kidnapping, assault, and sexual assault.

The MFF revealed Sept. 4 that only about six percent of the money it had spent since Floyd’s death had gone to help bail out people facing riot-related charges.

Among those the MFF has bailed out:

William Harold Jones: The 57-year-old was arrested May 13 after his 15-year-old daughter told two people that her father had sexually touched her, according to the police report. The alleged victim reported to police that she was sleeping in her bed when Jones allegedly came into her room and got into bed with her. Jones then put his hand down the victim’s pants and began to touch her near her vagina, according to the statement.

In a forensic interview and medical evaluation, the victim’s recollection of the events remained consistent, according to the statement. She also said that when Jones got into bed with her, she could feel his penis up against her “booty.” The victim said that she was also sexually touched when she was 7 or 8 years old.

Following his arrest, Jones signed a form indicating that the money posted for his bail should be returned to the MFF once he follows the terms of bail.

Emmet Duane Williams: Also known as Daquan Williams, 39, allegedly told his 16-year-old niece to spread her legs while he was picking her and the alleged victim’s cousin up in his vehicle June 14, according to the police report. The alleged victim says she had thought she had sat on something in the car and moved her legs apart. Williams reached across the seat and grabbed her vagina on the outside of her clothes, according to the statement.

The victim jumped out of the vehicle and went to a nearby store, and several minutes later, the victim’s cousin convinced her to get back in the car so that they could leave, according to the statement. Once back in the car, Williams allegedly pulled the victim’s cousin out of the car and got in the backseat with the victim. He then tried to spread the victim’s legs apart and said that he wouldn’t give her a ride unless he could “hit,” according to the statement. The girl allegedly struggled away, got out of the vehicle, and then called another family member to pick her up.

On June 22, Williams signed a form indicating that the money posted for his bail should be returned to the MFF.

Dascha Marie Parkhurst: The 27-year-old was arrested June 19 after allegedly stabbing her aunt with a knife that was attached to brass knuckles, according to the police report. The victim says that she told her niece to leave her residence, but Parkhurst refused, the statement reports. While attempting to remove Parkhurst from her residence, the suspect pulled out the knife and stabbed the victim in the abdomen, according to the statement.

Parkhurst signed a form indicating that the money posted for her bail should be returned to the MFF.

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