Perspective: Antisemitism is anti-American

FPI / January 7, 2020

Commentary by Harold Hamm / Fred Zeidman / John McNabb

We are in a new era of oil and gas. America has become energy independent from foreign oil and this unprecedented reality allows us to act accordingly.

People attend a Jan. 5 march in New York against anti-Semitism wearing yellow stars which read never again. / JFNA

American domestic producers are doing our part in ensuring American national security is not compromised at home or overseas – be it through public interest groups or foreign governments eager to call for America’s demise.

While we seem like unlikely partners, the American Oil and Gas community via our work through the Council for a Secure America, stands firmly with the Jewish community and Israel on combating these domestic and global threats. As America faces a geopolitical war overseas, oil is no longer the currency that dictates our national security interests.

Antisemitism is a national security issue. This ongoing threat appears in many forms – and violent attacks only scratch the surface of this form of domestic terrorism.

The stifling of free speech and encouragement of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement on both college campuses and the political arena only echoes this worrisome trend.

Antisemitism has taken many forms: hate speech, provocative and violent acts, and BDS. All of these threats are a clear attack on American interests and values.

Some may assume this threat is limited to the Jewish community but it is not. Antisemitism is an American issue. And more so, anti-Zionism is a direct manifestation of antisemitism, which attacks American values and freedom.

The Oil and Gas community will do everything in its power to ensure that America, its citizens, and its allies remain safe and secure.

Published by the Jerusalem Post on January 6, 2020. Harold Hamm is executive chairman of the Council for a Secure America (CSA), chairman of the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance and executive chairman of Continental Resources. Fred Zeidman is co-chairman of the CSA, chairman emeritus of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and chairman of Gordian Group. John McNabb is the co-chairman of the CSA, chairman of the Free Press Foundation, a director at Continental Resources and previous chairman and CEO of Willbros Group.

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