Another Canadian doctor, 27-year-old triathlete, dies unexpectedly

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News July 29, 2022

The fifth Greater Toronto Area doctor to die suddenly and unexpectedly in recent days was a 27-year-old triathlete.

Dr. Candace Nayman

Dr. Candace Nayman, a resident doctor at McMaster Children Hospital in Hamilton, collapsed while swimming as she competed in a triathlon on Sunday. She subsequently died on Thursday.

No cause of death has been reported.

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“Everyone in the pediatrics department here at McMaster University and McMaster Children’s Hospital is devastated by the loss of Dr. Candace Nayman.” said Dr. Angelo Mikrogianakis, the chief of pediatrics at Hamilton Health Sciences’ McMaster Children’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton.

“Candace was an aspiring pediatrician who exemplified hard work, radiated positivity, lived a vibrant and active life, and had a positive impact on her fellow residents, colleagues, faculty and patients.”

Four other Toronto area doctors have died unexpectedly this summer.

Trillium Partners staff physicians Dr. Jakub Sawicki, Dr. Stephen McKenzie and Dr. Lorne Segall died last week, not long after each had received their fourth Covid shot. The Trillium doctors passed just days after the death of North York General Hospital’s Dr. Paul Hannam, a 50-year-old former Olympian who died during a run.

No cause of death has been reported for the four doctors.

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