And there you are: Interesting factoids in Harper’s October Index

by WorldTribune Staff, October 7, 2022

(From the Harper’s Magazine October 2022 Index)

Percentage by which Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say they would fight if the country were invaded: 52

Percentage change since 2019 in the portion of Americans who believe environmental laws are worth the cost: –23

Harper’s Weekly cover featuring President-Elect Abraham Lincoln; illustration by Winslow Homer from a photograph by Mathew Brady (November 10, 1860)

Percentage of U.S. voters who view climate change as the most important problem facing the country: 1

Percentage of U.S. voters under age 30 who view climate change as the most important problem facing the country: 3

Percentage by which American men are more likely than women to support nuclear power: 47

Percentage by which men are more likely than women to have donated blood: 32

Percentage by which Trump voters are more likely than Biden voters to have donated sperm: 50

Percentage by which Democrats are more likely than Republicans to be afraid of crowded spaces: 40

Minimum number of cigarette packs Philip Morris has donated to the Ukrainian army: 500,000

Percentage of undergraduates who say they encounter at least moderate difficulty with online learning: 94

Percentage of U.S. adults who think video gaming should be taught in schools: 54

Minimum number of robots New York will distribute to the elderly this year to combat loneliness: 834

Percentage of Republicans that Democrats believe make more than $250,000 per year: 44

Percentage that do: 2

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