Analysts: China might not delay seizing control of Taiwan and its TSMC strategic monopoly

by WorldTribune Staff, November 2, 2021

China is fully capable of a D-Day-level invasion of Taiwan and might not wait very long to unleash an attack as the communist regime of supreme leader Xi Jinping has designs on taking control of Taiwan’s production of global semiconductors, analysts say.

Taiwan is “extremely vulnerable” to a Chinese invasion, Rick Fisher, senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center and contributing editor at told NTD News.

Last month, China’s military conducted a beach landing exercise in Fujian province, around 110 miles off the coast of Taiwan.

“The Chinese are amassing an amazing force against the island and they are building and deploying all the minutiae necessary to actually invade the island,” not just by sea but also by air, Fisher said. “The PLA could put over 100,000 troops on the island in just a few days.”

China “essentially has the ability to conduct a D-Day-level invasion of the island of Taiwan,” Fisher said.

The main prize the communists would get from an invasion, analysts say, is Taiwan’s dominance of the global semiconductor market.

Taiwanese companies supply 63 percent of global semiconductors, compared with 12 percent by U.S. manufacturers. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) alone provides over half the world’s made-to-order chips, and an estimated 90 percent of advanced processors.

“TSMC is a giant among giants,” Richard N. Madden noted in a Sept. 9 report for’s Big Tech Watch.

• It is the primary manufacturer of the world’s most advanced computer chips; its technology and expertise power virtually every smartphone, computer, server, network interface and radio.
• It is the primary contractor for Apple, AMD, Broadcom, Qualcomm and countless other companies.
• Moreover, it is the primary innovator within the manufacturing landscape; its state-of-the-art transistor is 5 nanometers, with plans to move to 3 nanometers in the next two years. Intel, TMSC’s primary competitor, is only now moving away from its 14-nanometer process to 7-nm.

Former aerospace engineer Bob Anderson noted in a Nov. 1 analysis for The Federalist that “it’s a real possibility China could take over Taiwan and seize the majority of the world’s production of chips, which are used in aircraft, warships, submarines, cars, iPhones, computers, and more.”

If China controls Taiwan’s chip manufacturing, Anderson contends, “it will control the world.”

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Chairman Xi is chomping at the bit to control the technological power that lies just within reach on the island of Tawian.

“After pumping billions into China’s chip fabrication efforts, the country is still trailing years behind TSMC,” Anderson noted. “There is no substitute for simply taking Taiwan’s established world-class capabilities, which cannot be readily replicated. In one swift movement, the Chinese Communist Party could both supply itself and deny distribution to whomever it chooses.”

China is making it all too clear as to what its military capabilities are. Recently, its military “held assault drills on the beach closest to the free soil of the democratic republic that it so desperately wants to own and control. A few months earlier, it had already set an annual record for flights around Taiwan — nearly 400 aircraft,” Anderson noted.

Asked recently if he thinks China will invade Taiwan, Gen. Michael Flynn responded: “I believe right now that this is the highest level of threat against Taiwan that I have ever seen … yes, I believe the Chinese are preparing the battlefield to basically take over Taiwan.”

Regarding China’s view of an “apathetic and weak” White House in the aftermath of the surrender in Afghanistan, Flynn said: “I don’t think China is going to allow themselves to go another couple of years and potentially lose the advantage that they have with the Biden administration right now.” The outcome is now “inevitable.” Like Hong Kong, Flynn believes Taiwan will be subsumed by China.

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