American woman lectures Hong Kong protesters: ‘Safety is more important than freedom’

by WorldTribune Staff, September 25, 2019

In a video that has gone viral, a woman identified as American is seen scolding protesters in Hong Kong, calling their pro-democracy efforts a “waste of time.”

“You guys value freedom more than safety. I think safety is more important than freedom,” the woman says on the video posted on Twitter on Sept. 22 by the Passion Times.

The woman was confronted after she removed posters and stickers put on a wall by Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters. / Twitter

In the video, the woman is confronted by demonstrators as she takes down posters and stickers that were pasted on a wall by protesters.

“Violence breeds violence,” she lectures. “Find me one case where violence led to a solution.”

“Why don’t the universities get involved instead of protesting?” she asks. “What a waste of time for everybody. You guys should be enjoying your Sunday.”

Some of the Tweets in response to the video included:

“Safety and freedom are not mutually exclusive mam, you can have both and that is what HK wants, but you don’t care about HK democracy because it doesn’t target you and you have a ready exit plan.”

“I think this lady has forgotten how her “safety” has been given by people that fought for freedom.”

“I couldn’t imagine thinking I knew better than the people that are fighting so hard for equal freedom. The damn arrogance and ignorance.”

Writing for on Sept. 24, Nick Arama wrote: “Dear Hong Kongers, we’re sorry, but please know that this woman doesn’t represent us, that indeed you understand the principles of America much better than does she.”

In fact, the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong have chosen the American flag as a symbol which they believe is emblematic of their fight for freedom, Arama noted.

“They’ve marched with it, even sung our national anthem. Yes, they’re doing it to appeal to us in the hope that we might be able to help them in some way. But they’re also doing it because freedom and protection of human rights is what America and the flag means to them and to so much of the rest of the world, despite what folks here on the Left would have us believe.”

The woman in the video, Arama wrote, “clearly takes that freedom for granted and doesn’t really understand what it’s like to live under a Communist dictatorship. Or, worse, perhaps she thinks it’s a good thing and is just a shill for the regime.

“We’ve seen so many on the Left and now even in Congress who seem willing and happy to embrace socialism, with folks like Antifa and other far-left radicals wanting to push us in the direction which the Hong Kongers are fighting so desperately against.

“It’s because we’ve had brave Americans who have fought for our rights that this woman has the comfort and luxury to not have the fear that Hong Kongers now face.

“Do you think we could make a trade for all Americans who love Communism to go to Hong Kong and we’ll take the people of Hong Kong who love America and freedom?”

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