All we are saying … is give war a chance: Poll finds Democrat shift

by WorldTribune Staff, February 3, 2019

A new poll shows a majority of Democrats oppose President Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and a plurality oppose the commander in chief’s move to bring the troops home from Afghanistan.

Why the shift for what usually bills itself as the anti-war party? Simple, analysts say. If Trump opposes something, Democrats favor it. Even war.

More than half of Democrats in a new poll oppose President Trump’s plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria. / Andrea Hanks / White House

A new Zogby Analytics Poll on Trump’s move to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria finds that 52 percent of Democrats oppose the troop withdrawal. Just 31 percent agree with Trump’s move.

The poll analysis called it a “stunning reversal” of years of results where Democrats wanted troops withdrawn from U.S.-led wars.

“Is this a shift in policy on the part of Democratic leaders, or Democrats disagreeing with any proposal put forth by the president? Are the Democrats the new party of ‘no,’ and willing to obstruct anything the president does out of mere spite? Presently, the data isn’t painting a different picture,” said the analysis from Jonathan Zogby.

In two separate questions, one on withdrawing troops from Syria and the other on withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, Zogby found the same shift by Democrats.

“Over the last fifteen years, our polling of voters in the U.S. has shown that most Democrats vehemently opposed the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a stunning reversal of past polling, a majority of Democrats disagree with President Trump’s plan to withdraw American troops from Syria and a plurality of Democrats disagree with the president on removing troops from Afghanistan. A third (31 percent) of Democrats agreed (strongly and somewhat agree combined) with Trump, while half (52 percent) disagreed (strongly and somewhat disagree combined). These numbers were much different than the overall voter figures: 46 percent of likely voters agreed with Trump, while 37 percent ‘disagreed’, and 17 percent were not sure.

“Our polling has shown that in past years, Democrats have, like the president, wanted the troops to come home. In 2011, Zogby Analytics polled Democratic voters and 74 percent ‘thought it was a bad idea’ to have gone to war with Iraq and 57 percent thought the same about the war in Afghanistan. Additionally, only 21 percent of Democrats thought ‘the Afghani people are better off than they were before U.S. led-forces invaded and occupied their country.’ ”

On Feb. 1, Trump tweeted: “I inherited a total mess in Syria and Afghanistan, the “Endless Wars” of unlimited spending and death. During my campaign I said, very strongly, that these wars must finally end. We spend $50 Billion a year in Afghanistan and have hit them so hard that we are now talking peace…

“…….after 18 long years. Syria was loaded with ISIS until I came along. We will soon have destroyed 100% of the Caliphate, but will be watching them closely. It is now time to start coming home and, after many years, spending our money wisely. Certain people must get smart!”

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